Hospital ERP Software by Software Associates is packaged solution helping hospital owners put their plan in place – to manage hospital growth, reduce costs, optimise processes, improve patient satisfaction and statutory compliance. Among the largest selling hospital management software India for corporate, family, trust, mission and doctor owned hospitals, nursing homes and chain of clinics.

Our Solutions


Vikas is an advanced Hospital ERP Software ideally suited for hospitals and clinic chains which are planning the next level of growth. The features include multi branch, multi-location, centralized database, multi device capacity, multi payment mode etc.


Teja is a Hospital ERP Software rightly addressing the daily operational and administration challenges of a hospital. The software helps to bring order into your hospital by streamlining both clinical and non-clinical matters.


Netra is a Hospital ERP Software specifically created for addressing the management problems of an Ophthalmology center. The eye hospital management solution is developed with the help of leading ophthalmologist in India and is a completely integrated solution.

Latest News

Opthalmology software

Ophthalmology software Netra – our Ophthalmology software software is built on advanced technology to provide the eye hospitals, patients and doctors with great benefit to their delight. The reason why our eye care software is being used by clients across 5 states in India. Take a look at some of…

Patient feedback

I wouldn’t have chosen to go to Comtrust Eye Hospital, Calicut, for treatment of my minor eye condition but for the fact that my friend who I had a preliminary consultation with on the phone is a doctor employed there and she wanted me to go there for a check-up….

Integrated patient portal

Online patient portal for hospitals Our online patient portal for eye hospital management software is bringing visible changes  ophthalmology hospitals and eye care clinics across our user base spread across Mysore, Bangalore , Hyderabad, Belgaum, Surat, Nagpur, Kozhikode and other cities across India. The portal functions translate to improved experience for the patient…

IOT for people tracking

People tracking in hospitals People are an integral part of any service industry – be it the customer or the employee or the consultant or the hospital owner. In mid sized and multi location small businesses, it is important to ensure that the right people are hired ; and available…

IOT enabled ERP solution

Hospital operational efficiency With the increase in competition in the healthcare industry, the larger hospitals are poaching patients from the smaller and mid sized hospitals. This has resulted in a growing need for the mid sized – owner – family driven hospitals to adopt new technologies that would help them…

ERP & hospital audits

Hospital auditing using ERP If your hospital Information System is not running the way you want it to be, we could be of help to you. Our expertise in ERP implementation and hospital auditing, providing services for hospital ERP software extends over 10 years and spans 300 hospitals across India…