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LIMS – integrating ASTM devices

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LIMS – integrating ASTM devices

LIMS – Laboratory ASTM protocol

Our comprehensive laboratory management module, besides issuing bills, managing specimen, scheduling tests and establishing two way communication with various brands of auto analyser machines and printing and sharing test results to various departments – also monitors the inventory of reagents and kits, tracks patient work flow and measures waiting time – thus bringing about considerable savings in costs and improving patient satisfaction. The module also has an Activity Based Costing sub module for right pricing of laboratory services for eye hospitals

The following list of equipment are supported (ASTM protocol)

The communications protocol used on the VITROS 5,1 FS Chemistry System was created by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). It is designed specifically for medical devices and supports the transfer of an array of medical data. It enables speedy communication while using a number of data protection mechanisms, such as, acknowledgments, timing mechanism, and data recovery procedures. It also establishes a national standard for communication among medical facilities and may eventually become an international standard. The ASTM protocol promotes data integrity while handling a great volume of data.

Information about this protocol can be found in a publication produced by ASTM: Annual Book of ASTM Standards. Designation: E 1394-97: “Standard Specification for Transferring Information Between Clinical Laboratory Instruments and Computer Systems” and Designation: 1381-95: “Specification for Low Level Protocol to Transfer Messages Between Clinical Laboratory Instruments and Computer Systems.” It is recommended that these publications be obtained and used as supplements to this guide.

Clinical Biochemistry VITROS® 5,1 FS – Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics VITROS 250 Hematology Beckman Coulter LH 500 Sysmex KX21 Hormone Elecsys 2010

Minimum Requirements For Interfacing lab Machine using MOXA

  • MOXA device
  • Interfacing cable for connecting lab machine to MOXA.
  • Network switch for connecting Moxa.
  • One computer for running our LIMS application (LIMS server).
  • HOST Interface document.

hospital equipment tracking solutions by implementing Internet Of Things (IOT) enabled technologies allowing eye hospitals to centrally monitor and track the usage, movement and operating environment of high value laboratory auto analysers, microscopes etc.

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