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Hospital IT requirements

Hospital ERP software India ; Hospital management system India ; Hospital digital portal

The selection of hardware requirements for hospitals is critical because the hospital management software is expected to become the backbone of your hospital or nursing home, would be powering the operations  on a 24 / 7 basis all year long. We recommend the following hardware configuration to run SA-Vikas Hospital ERP software.

We provide greenfield hospital projects with vendor agnostic, free consulting on selection of hardware and networking systems. Our products support VXL thin client technology and it is a low cost of ownership & low power consumption device which can be used in open environment.

Server for hospital management ERP software  (Brand of your choice)

  •     Intel Xeon dual core or above
  •     32 GB RAM
  •     3 x 300 GB SATA hard drives with mirroring OR RAID 5
  •     Gigabyte ethernet
  •     Windows 2012 server OR Linux (Ubuntu 64 bit)
  •     Open source relational database – mySql or FirebirdSQL (64 bit)
    •     OR Oracle, Sql-server licensed relational database
  •     Anti virus subscription

Hospital Patient portal / PACS application server (For SA-Vikas)

  •     Intel Xeon dual core or above
  •     16 GB RAM
  •     1 x 300 GB SATA hard drives with mirroring OR RAID 5
  •     Gigabyte ethernet
  •     Windows  2012 / Ubuntu server supporting Acquia Drupal
  •     Anti virus subscription

Workstations for hospital departments

  •     Intel Atom / Core i3
  •     2 GB RAM
  •     Fast Ethernet
  •     LCD monitor
  •     Space saving foot print
  •     Windows 10 licence
  •     500 GB SATA II hard disk drive


  •     VXL thin client terminal with embedded Windows


  •     Linux workstations (Ubuntu / Mint)

Peripherals and Accessories for hospital automation

  •     Cat 6 or e-Cat structured cabling
  •     24 port managed switch for connectivity and network monitoring
  •     DVD writer / External hard disk for data backup
  •     A4 Laser printer (laboratory results and patient discharge summary)
  •     Static broadband connection for remote support (Mandatory)
  •     24 Wire dot matrix printer (department billing)
  •     Epson point of sale (POS) printer
  •     Barcode printer & scanner (optional )
  •     HP Scanjet N8420 desktop scanner with barcode detector (for EMR)
  •     Active RFID tags, access points for IOT Track & trace
  •     Tablet devices supporting Android OS
  •     Android Tablet for EMR mobility solutions
  •     Active RFID / IoT smart sensors for Hospital asset efficiency

SA-HIS versions, comprising of Swastha, Netra, Teja and Vikas – among the largest installed packaged hospital management ERP software in India having a 300 client base across 7 states. Providing upgrades and henpdesk for 25 years now.