Vikas 2.0 - digital health technologies, Cloud HMS, hospital management software online

Enabling operational excellence

Vikas 2.0 has an installed base of 200+ clients, fully integrated financial accounting and patient management * insurance modules - A rock stable core HMS. Private cloud enabled Smart Hospital management software ideally suited for specialty hospital chains and clinics who envision patient experience, operational excellence & workforce productivity.

Optometry device integration - LIMS for eye clinic practice management software

Enhanced patient experience

100+ clients using the unique workflow management solution for eye hospital management. Netra is an cloud enabled multi location opthalmology clinic management / eye hospital management software with integrated Finance module, Ophthalmology EMR , and optical inventory management system specifically created for addressing the objectives of improving patient experience.

Cloud ready hospital software

Backed by a team of healthcare product managers

Superior Implementation & helpdesk

On time installation & training provided with timely completion and support response

Proven Solutions

Features addressing major functions of speciality hospitals

Wide installation base

India, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Maldives

Patient Portal software

Digital self-service technologies to help the patient, make queries anytime, to arrive at the hospital during specific timings, make appointments to avoid queue hassles. Reduce cash transactions using Razorpay & mPesa.

Electronic Medical Records

Robust Electronic medical records with integrated telemedicine module, patient engagement functions, prescription management solutions that work on web browser-based technology and smart phones.

Patient waiting times

Measuring surgical workflow matrices, operation theatre process management, staff productivity & safety monitoring. Repairs, preventive maintenance, nursing rounds & housekeeping tracking for enhanced patient safety.

Best clinic management software
EMR | Multi-location | Online - offline deployment | ICD 10 | COHSASA Ready
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Integrated eye hospital management software
Ophthalmic EMR | Multi-location | Centralisation | ICD 10 | Africa standards
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The best multi location clinic management  system & hospital management software in India for professionally run specialty hospitals and hospital chains. With 30 years of industry presence and over 250+ installations across India, Botswana, Kenya, Cameroon, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Sudan, Maldives & Myanmar,  considered a reliable solution provider. Online test results, patient data security, and health insurance module available as a service.

5 things to consider before selecting a cloud HMS / smart hospital management software

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