Benefits of Netra eye hospital software

Benefits of Netra software

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With 25 years of expertise providing solutions on hospital process optimization for 250+ hospitals in the Indian healthcare sector, we have helped hospitals achieve greater ROI from their investment in hospital management software. When it comes to ophthalmic centers, operations are different from that of a general hospital and specialized software is ideally preferred to meet the daily operational challenges. An effective eye hospital management software should start showing results within 3-6 months of proper usage. Illustrated below are a few tangible and intangible benefits from Netra, an eye hospital management software implementation.

Netra Eye hospital software Africa benefits

Better resource utilization: Process optimization and automation of key tasks enables effective utilization of time and effort spent by each resource. At least 20%-time savings can be achieved on administration works.

Reduced patient waiting time: Front office automation enables OP registration easy reducing the patient wait time to less than 1 minute. The queue management system at optometry and OP also helps in improving patient experience.

Reduction in inventory: Inventory of IOL, opticals, medicines and other consumables are important in an eye hospital. 20-40% inventory reduction can be achieved with improvements in the purchase process and effective utilization of materials using a hospital management software.

Reduced insurance backlog: 80-90% reduction of backlogs can be achieved with the automation of insurance claim processing. This enables faster claim filing and minimizes human errors to a large extend. This will, in turn, improve claim approvals.

Reduces documentation: The use of EMR and digitization of patient records reduces documentation. The effort required to maintain the document and the space utilized can be significantly reduced. A minimum of 200 sq.ft of space savings can be achieved.

Increase in revenue: The integrated solution enables in reducing revenue leakage by directly sending the requests to pharmacy and optical. The alerts at OP registration and booking ensures proper fee collection on revisit patients. Effective counseling can have a tremendous impact on revenue. Well-designed software will support counseling and will provide adequate data to improve counseling.

Certain benefits, like those mentioned above, are quantifiable. But there are those which are intangible but has an overall impact on the operations and goodwill. A few of the intangible assets are given below.

Proper data flow: Streamlined process enables proper data flow across departments. This can also impact inter-department communication which will, in turn, affect operations and patient experience.

Transparency: A well thought out solution brings in transparency across departments. Management can access all the key information on operations at any given time. Also, all the activities are auto logged in the system to ensure transparency.

Reduction in error: Automation enables reduction of human errors and to bring accuracy to the system. The direct interfacing of laboratory machines also reduces human errors to a large extent.

Patient satisfaction: With effective utilization of resources focus can be given to patient care providing better satisfaction to the patients.

Our recent implementation at one of the leading eye hospitals in East Africa & India has provided an ROI within the third month. Eye hospital software benefits

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