Benefits of electronic medical records

Patient experience in hospital management

Vikas 2.0 hospital management Electronic Medical Records software

Benefits of electronic medical records in hospital management includes enhanced patient experience: – In Africa, as reported by patients, an average hospital visit takes 120-180 minutes. However, using Electronic Medical Records in hospitals benefits by decreasing the visit time by 30-40 minutes (for repeating patients) as their details are already made available in the EMR. While spending a long time in a hospital has been a big concern for patients, this experience shifts their perception to a positive tone.

Individual care: – As already said, the EMR system is unique and patient-oriented, it makes them feel more special and customized care to each individual. This individual care brings trust, loyalty, and reliability to the hospital.

Good word of mouth: – None of the advertisements can add value to a hospital other than a positive word of mouth from previously engaged patients. Their feedback and reviews influence a sea of new patients. Thus, Electronic Medical Records management with its patient-oriented services would surely bring good prospects to your hospital.


Cost saving benefits of Electronic Medical Records

Vikas - Hospital management software with Electronic Medical recordsEffective resource management: – The benefits of Electronic Medical record for the hospital include decreasing manual labor as well as working time for the areas it covers. It eliminates the exhaustive front-desk query system. Since it puts an end to the underutilization of the workforce, more tasks could be completed by the same number of personnel; no additional hiring; saves money.

Savings through digitization: – Vikas’s fully digitized EMR system advances the hospital’s daily operations, which eliminates hidden operational costs incurred by the maintenance of a physical medical record database. The entire medical history data of a patient can be viewed in a pdf format. Through the annihilation of the pen-paper method, an average mid-sized hospital can save around $240 on monthly stationery purchases.

Centralized information system: – If the hospital has multiple branches/departments, it can be managed through both online and offline modes, irrespective of the network. It also serves remote clinics which have poor networks. This reduces the operational cost when compared to the medical records electronic version on the cloud.

Competitive Advantage using electronic medical records

Vikas hospital ERP - Benefits of Electronic medical records in hospital management

Patient care journey: – It is crucial for doctors to get overall health insights of repeating patients. This feature can encourage patients to prefer a hospital over its competitors. Vikas’s advanced Electronic Medical Records gives the understanding of a patient’s health journey from beginning to end in a single platform. Our Electronic Medical Records comprise data starting from blood pressure to the drug dosage level of an individual patient.

Customized care: – What are electronic medical records in hospital management ? Customized EMR system user interface and tracking for every patient gives them a customized feel that they have been individually cared for. Hospitals advanced with Vikas provide such a highness to their patients over other hospitals.

Patient care through technology: – electronic medical records pros and cons? Adoption of more advanced technologies can easily put your brand before your competitors. To substantiate this, we have integrated the patient tracking solution with the help of EMR software. Through this system, an administrator can monitor the movement of the patient inside the hospital premises. Also, our EMR records the drug response, reaction, and interaction with patients on a timely basis. This helps the doctors to understand the drug capacity in a patient. Deploying Electronic Medical Records software is often challenging for hospital management, however our expertise in implementing EMR at over 200 hospitals does help.

Error Reduction with Electronic Medical Records

Risk Avoidance

Medical Records Security: – In 2019, the number of incidents of stealing medical records by breaching the data was 300% increased in African region. The incorporation of the Vikas EMR system in hospitals assures you the security of medical records data with highly secure web access to both patients and administrators. 

Patients’ OPD numbers can be replaced with barcodes for easy file tracking, security, and fast operations.

We also offer a customized Bluetooth Beacon solution for tracking the patient’s files easily. So, the threat of medical record thefts could be eliminated.

EMR system improved clinic research and collaboration

ICD-10 Classification: – Our EMR system has built-in knowledge of International Disease Code classification, 10th revision. It is used to track health care statistics, disease burden, quality outcomes, mortality statistics, and even billing. It properly notes diseases on health records, tracks epidemiological trends, and assists in medical reimbursement decisions. It can also provide specific information about how a healthcare provider approached a medical procedure and what type of medical device was used.

Doctor Collaboration: – There are higher chances for miscommunication or bad handling of patients’ medical records when it is noted down in a paper format. Also, doctors have to hear everything from the patients during their every visit. This is a tiring process and consumes a lot of time. Collaborating with our EMR software module, doctors can easily get access to the medical history and data of the patients without even enquiring about the patients.

Increase revenues with Electronic Medical Records in hospital management

Vikas ERP for hospitals ; revenue generation models

Increased patient flow: – Vikas Electronic Medical records reduces time spent for every visit by 45% as it saves time in administration processes for repeating patients. This saves a couple of hours in an average day which can allow the hospital to treat more patients in a day; Increased revenue.

‘No’ to Manual Medical Records: – Paper-Based Health Records (PBHRs) are still a key component of government (public) and private health care organizations (hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies) in many Sub-Saharan countries. Vikas’s EMR replaces the paper pen method in the organization; thus offering more precision and flawless service. It also reduces the space required to keep the medical records in the hospital. This can be utilized for additional services or setups.

E-prescriptions and Test Requisitions: – Generally, patients feel weary of hospital procedures, when they are in need of simple tasks such as prescriptions, lab tests or X-ray requisitions, etc. Our Electronic Medical Records software has dedicated links for prescription printing, online lab tests, and X-ray requisitions. This encourages the patients to avail the services remotely. Thus, the conversion rate of taking prescriptions, pharmacy sales, lab testing, and X-ray tests may surely increase; which eventually brings up revenue. 

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