Best Implementation of Blue Ocean strategy in Bengaluru hospitals

Blue ocean for cost reduction & positive patient experience !!

Vikas 20 - Digital twins in healthcare for implementing blue ocean strategy for healthcare industry

Few cases we have encountered to date. Blue ocean strategy in healthcare – We were impressed by the teleshow that came on bbc uk edition featuring Dr. Devi Shetty of Narayana Hrudayalaya, rightly called the Henry Ford of heart surgery; Not having inferior health because there’s less money, but actually getting more out of the system for less resource. And you’ve shown us a model here by which we can do this.  Business secretary wanting to take coal to Newfoundland. Excellent public relations.
High quality at low cost – Value Innovation, the essence of Blue Ocean Strategy

Global Medical center – a breath of fresh air – Blue ocean with economies of scale; going beyond conventional boundaries; ambulatory surgery.

Blue Ocean Strategy in Healthcare

Let us throw some light on how the Blue Ocean Strategy can make a difference to small hospitals. Rarely do we get to see owner-driven hospitals offering value innovation to patients.
  • Get your organization strategy canvas in place – this difficult task requires extensive brainstorming
  • Determining the attributes on which the hospital industry competes on
  • Follow the strategy sequence correctly – offer a compelling value proposition to patients; remove all adoption barriers first.
  • Tipping point leadership – how to influence your people and management team to think beyond conventional wisdom

To start with, some exercises around the four-action framework would help.

Eliminate factors that the industry takes for granted

  • The outpatient registration desk can be converted into a self-service/patient portal kiosk
  • Deploy IoT solutions  to enhance the patient experience
  • Introduce shop floor alerts and notifications for patient waiting times

Reduce factors well below the industry’s standard

  • Bystander dependency
  • High value inventory/cost 
  • Improve inventory stock take process by deploying inventory tags

Raised factors well above the industry’s standard

  • Patient Education
  • Nursing care
  • OT safety procedures using IoT solutions
  • Room hygiene
  • Transparency in billing procedures

Which factors should be created that the industry has never offered

  • Spacious seating arrangements
  • Patient-centric workflow
  • Avenues of Relaxation for Bystanders
  • Health food courts

Implementing Blue Ocean Strategy

  • Identify unmet healthcare needs: Start by identifying healthcare needs that are not currently being met. This could be a new service or product that can provide value to patients or improve healthcare outcomes. Look for areas that are underserved or where patients are dissatisfied with the current options available.

  • Conduct market research: Conduct market research to understand the potential demand for your new healthcare service or product. Talk to patients, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders to get feedback on your ideas and determine what features and benefits are most important.

  • Develop a unique value proposition: Use the information gathered from your market research to develop a unique value proposition that sets your healthcare service or product apart from competitors. Focus on delivering value to patients and improving healthcare outcomes.

  • Build a team: Build a team of healthcare professionals, business experts, and other stakeholders who can help you develop and implement your Blue Ocean Strategy.

  • Create a prototype: Develop a prototype of your healthcare service or product to test and refine your ideas. Use feedback from patients and healthcare providers to make improvements.

  • Launch your product or service: Once you have a refined prototype, launch your healthcare service or product. Focus on creating awareness among your target audience and use marketing strategies to promote your unique value proposition.

  • Continuously improve: Continue to gather feedback and make improvements to your healthcare service or product. This will help you stay ahead of competitors and continue to meet the evolving needs of patients and healthcare providers.

Implementing the Blue Ocean Strategy in healthcare can be challenging, but it has the potential to create significant value for patients and healthcare providers while also creating a competitive advantage for your organization.

Blue Ocean strategy in the healthcare industry

Vikas 2.0 - Implementing blue ocean strategy for hospitals using Iot solutions, digital twins in healthcare

Do you have an idea to contribute towards reducing patient wait time? Blue ocean strategy for hospitals? Bring Market differentiation, Address Unserved or underserved markets, and Introduce Value innovation, Efficient cost structure & hospital services differentiation.

The author of this article is the Co-founder and director at Software Associates India. Contact us if you wish to know more / work towards implementing BOS in your organisation.

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