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Health-related charities make up about 81,000 of the more than 1 million public charities, according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics. In India & Africa regions, mission, Christian & charitable hospitals play a key role in the nation’s healthcare ecosystem by improving the health of the communities they serve. Most healthcare providers allocate a portion of their revenue for charity but it is always a tedious task to manage and distribute the charity provision within the practice. Vikas hospital management software & Teja hospital software Kenya software solutions are well equipped with an extensive charity management module that depicts the following features:

Mission hospital software

Provision to give charity under different types.

Whatever be the charity type – General/ Student/ Employee can be easily configured.

Charity requests provision and approval facilities.

An easily manageable platform for submission & verification of charity bills by the decision authorities.

Automatic concession for different charity types.

Automatic concession calculation through pre-set criteria for all charity types using Christian hospital software

Department-wise charity analysis.

Relevant doctor & department-wise charity analysis reports with graphical interfaces can be generated.

Account posting to the different charity headers.

Individual account posting to the different charity headers will result in easy charity account processing.

Charity limit configuration in mission hospitals

Pre-defined charity limits in the system help in properly managing discounts.

Management Information reports for charity analysis

Various charity reports namely company-wise charity details, charity header-based details, etc. can be easily generated for managerial decision making.

Managing charity recipients and their dependents.

The family and relationship dependencies of a charity recipient can be easily managed by a Christian hospital software

Christian mission hospital software – other charity options

Provision to give group-wise concession for charity head & provision to give exclusive and inclusive items for concession.

Charity Hospital software module

The presence of cooperative hospitals in the health sector across the country is almost negligible. When compared with other organizations, their extensive reach and accessibility across various locations allow them to run a successful business. Our mission / cooperative hospital module is well utilized by various large clients and constitutes the following features:

Shareholder Management in hospitals

Apt practices in adherence with A, B, C categorization of shareholders catering to various aspects such as revenue sharing, shareholder commission, discounts, etc.

Shareholder registers & Records

Record various unique registers in accounts for cooperative hospitals and provides proper reports that support the government audit purpose.

Shareholder dependent Management

The system also supports the management of shareholder dependents and their privileges such as concessions to families, certificates, etc.

Netra - charity eye hospital management software

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