Digital Hospital & digital twin

Vikas 2.0 - Digital hospital, digital twin technology ; Iot solutions for hospitals

In the modern digital age, communication, learning, and hospital collaboration, and team-building play an important role in providing a superior patient experience. Digital twin technology in healthcare and IoT solutions enable patient self service, and help management to use these ready-to-use hospital productivity tools to reduce the inefficiencies in inter-department communication.

These gaps could be about patient wait times, cross consultation or patient discharge process, or nursing station coordination with the stores, and laboratory departments.

Digital twin technology – transformation for improved productivity

Implementing digital health technologies for preventive maintenance tracking, reducing patient waiting times, monitoring surgical workflow, etc will greatly help in enhancing patient experience, which is getting to be the key differentiation for hospitals. The collaborative framework is used by best-in-class corporations around the world. Let us look at some of the features and benefits of such a solution

  • Independent Digital twin technology solutions suited for eye and specialty hospitals
  • On-site training and implementation anywhere
  • Reduce work-related stress and lower your attrition
  • Improved teamwork within hospital staff and departments
  • Access to important knowledge for procedures and operations
  • Helps to build clinical research practices using IoT solutions
  • Monitoring of group activities such as medical grounds, housekeeping
  • Vastly improved technical support and assistance
  • Hospital employees can contribute new ideas to improve patient experience
  • Option to use International and regional languages
  • Measurement matrices to know the top contributors
  • Enhance preventive maintenance, and housekeeping aspects
  • Patient workflow and IOT solutions enabled hospital asset tracking & medical records file tracking
  • Add a hospital e-commerce store to sell specialty products

IoT solutions for digital hospital management

Digital twin technology - hospital management

The Digital twin technology for hospital management, such as IoT solutions for hospitals, indoor positioning systems, patient workflow, preventive maintenance tracking, and reducing patient wait times need to function independently as a stand-alone solution on a cloud-hosted (AWS / DigitalOcean)) environment or as collaborative software, pre-configured on Edge gateway devices.  Open-source frameworks such as  Django, ensure low cost of ownership and longer life to technology deployments