Why Do hospitals need Digital twins in healthcare?

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Patient experience management matters

  • Digital Twins in Healthcare & IoT solutioning are gaining momentum and is laying the foundation in critical care, follow-up care, monitoring, diagnosing, and treatment using Digital twin in healthcare.
  • Future of healthcare – more data generated last 4 years than the rest of human history
  • New business models are taking place with automation, sharing economy, and ‘winner takes all’ approaches
  • In today’s healthcare huge gap persists between available information, knowledge, and clinical utility

Webinar session highlights – Future of Healthcare

While considering an all-round future of healthcare advancement emerging technology includes:

  • Computational biology &  Gene sequencing
  • Designer antibodies & Companion diagnostics
  • Electronic Health Records & AI & Radiology
  • Telemedicine software
  • Internet Of Things (IoT) with Personalized medicine
  • Continuous monitoring of patients and hospital hygiene
  • Digiceuticals

Digital twins in healthcare & IoT solutions

“Frontier technologies are accelerating the creation of super-advanced “virtual twins”. Which is open to data-driven models capable of preventing disease and offering more efficient health systems. Digital twins are digital representations of human physiology built on computer models – in silico – in which data relating to both the individual and the population are introduced. The use of digital twins in healthcare is revolutionizing clinical processes and hospital management by enhancing medical care with digital tracking and advancing the modeling of the human body. These tools are of great help to researchers in studying diseases, new drugs, and medical devices. In the future may also help physicians optimize the performance of patient-specific treatment plans. In the short term, however, digital twins will help the healthcare system bring life-saving innovations to market faster, at lower costs, and with greater safety for the patient”

A person’s health equity is determined > 50% of social factors like physical environment, social context, and individual behavior, and the rest by biology (genome, epigenome) (<25%) and health technology (<15%).

The world is in a sensor evolution (1.0, 2.0 & currently in 3.0) with passive data gathering, aggregation, and meaningful interpretation. The world is taking a fresh approach to health monitoring with the use of personalized monitoring devices. An opportunity for technologists to integrate the solutions with the devices for remote clinical decision-making.

Digital twins in healthcare

By creating a Digital Twin in healthcare, operational strategies, capacities, staffing, and care models can be observed to determine what actions to take. Virtual models can assist in bed shortages, the spreading of germs, staff schedules, and operating rooms. These will help to optimize patient care, cost, and performance. Digital Twins can virtualize the hospital in order to create a safe environment, which tests the influences of changes on system performance without risks. This is hugely important in healthcare as it enables informed strategic decisions to take place in a highly complex and sensitive environment

Healthcare technology can be updated by alerting ‘’ Don’t shake hands with (a particular person) today. Coronavirus risk is 43%’’. The concept of a medical selfie or self-managed healthcare is emerging. Various companies (eg. 19 labs) are providing health and video monitoring solutions for self-managed health care.

Doctors and time management are gaining importance in synthesizing data to workflow and the connection of remote setups. In the future, Doctors who are AI-enabled will be more favored than normal doctors. The smartphone market in Africa & India is a great opportunity for innovative technologies for the future of healthcare to be developed. Augmented reality and virtual reality are gaining importance, along with IoT solutions.

IoT solutions, digital twins in healthcare

IOT solutions & digital twins in healthcare

Excerpts were taken from TEDxGateway Webinar 2020 on the Future of healthcare.

A few of our solutions include patient tracking systems, scrub and linen management,  Laboratory Information, Optometry device integration for early warning in Retinopathy, Glaucoma, etc.

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