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Hospital Document management system

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Digital X-ray & EMR digitisation solutions

Intelligent interpretation of Digital X-rays can help remote locations to assist patients in areas where specialist doctors are not readily available or accessible. We integrate Artificial Intelligence into our in-patient and out-patient modules of Vikas and TejaCloud to provide digital solutions that benefit patients, doctors, and hospitals alike.

Hospital Document management software

A niche healthcare provider, Rajendra Nursing Home (RNH) in the recent past expanded its line of healthcare services. This resulted in the growing need of shifting their medical records to an electronic documentation system since the storage of documents such as maintenance of patient records/case sheets was becoming a burden.

In addition, substantial human resources required to manage, track, and retrieve medical records was turning out to be a significant overhead expense for the hospital. Further, administrators, physicians, and nurses were in increasing need for patient data/case sheets round-the-clock.

Document management Solution for hospitals

To overcome these problems, RNH opted for the SA-Vikas document management module, an enabler for document archival system for hospitals. The ready to use solution assisted the hospital to integrate their data with ease. Initially, physicians had a tough time accessing patient case sheets, especially during emergencies. Now doctors and administrators are able to view records on their computer screen itself as the module enables quick conversion of documents with the help of a standard desktop scanner.

Benefits of deployment document management in hospitals

From an administrative and clinical standpoint, the adoption of this system has offered a multitude of benefits. Vikas hospital ERP, which is built on Windows 2010 client supporting 10 to 250 users on the readily available Linux server platform is an affordable and reliable software solution for hospital document management needs. Some of the key benefits

  • Restored 700 Sq.ft of prime property – savings on real estate
  • Over 100,000 patient visit information available for use in diverse departments
  • Low capital investment. Smart ROI
  • Electronically archived and preserved crucial data – peace of mind
  • Safe data backup/secondary storage on CD media.
  • Easy retrieval of data from one or several departments.
  • Increase in customer goodwill of this 50-year-old hospital.

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Preventive Maintenance for hospitals

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