How to use EHR software for Ophthalmology ?

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EHR Software for Ophthalmology

The world is moving forward with the digitalization of everything. Well, healthcare is no exception, health IT is an efficient and reliable way of handling the paperwork and other procedures related to healthcare. The technology works to bring the hospital to you.  EHR software for Ophthalmology, electronic health records, is a digitalized version of a patient’s paper chart in a hospital. EHRs contain all the personalized data and records of a patient and make it accessible instantly for authorized users.

Salient Features of an EHR software for ophthalmology

Electronic health record stores and organizes a patient’s information. It is less fussy and tacky than recording it manually. Often the paperwork gets misplaced and leads to management chaos. EHR software for Ophthalmology saves you all this time and trouble. EHR performs the following tasks:

  • The data stored include a patient’s medical history, laboratory test results, radiology images, allergies, treatment plans, immunization, etc. 
  • Providers can have access to evidence-based tools to make decisions about patients’ health care. 
  • The seamless and automatic flow of work.

Ophthalmology EHR

Ophthalmology EHR specifically targets and functions for patients with ophthalmological problems. It is uniquely- designed to seamlessly operate a patient’s records and sessions. It keeps the patient and the provider up to date with their schedule.

Netra Eye Clinic Software

Netra eye hospital management software is known for providing an enhanced patient experience. Digitalization of your hospital by implementing Netra eye clinic software will only make it convenient for both the patient and the provider. Some of the advanced features of Netra software are below

Management of patients

Netra EHR Software for Ophthalmology provides a detailed insight into management through information dashboards for patient workflow. This aids in decision-making. The right call for proceeding with the right decision for the patient in group ophthalmology practice.

Goodbye paperwork

Through Netra, little to no paperwork is required. The hassle of getting in lines and waiting for your turn for a form will be gone with Netra. All the data of a patient’s medical history gets stored and organized through this software. No chance of any information being deleted or misplaced. The patient is provided with the utmost health care.

Multi-branch Connection

Through this software, multiple branches of the same hospital can be interlinked. The data of all the branches can be accessed easily. It is user-friendly to be able to access data of all the branches from one office. 

Patient Management Queue

Heavy traffic can be smoothly handled by using the token system Netra offers. Each patient waits for his turn patiently. Moreover, waiting for details for each patient keeps them organized and well-managed. Patient waiting times can be monitored to ensure timely treatment

Some other EHR software for Ophthalmology are as follows:


CureMD is one of the best EHRs for ophthalmology as it offers web-based certified EHR, a patient portal, and revenue cycle management. Its built-in templates are particularly specified for ophthalmology, these templates can be automated for a seamless workflow. CureMd befits all the standards of a reputed EHR, it offers additional functions like integration for an ophthalmology diagnostic tool.

EMA Ophthalmology

EMA stands for Electronic Medical Assistant. EMA fulfills the EHR standards, however, it has much to offer besides the basic functionality of an EHR. For instance, it emphasizes quality of care reporting and outcome-based reimbursement.


Medflow comes with options, it provides an EHR system as a standalone EHR or a full-fledged complete EHR system and practice management. Medflow specializes in providing built-in templates that provide services like retina scans, cataracts, glaucoma, eye measurements, and LASIK procedures. The patient partable enables patients to easily access online forms and get rid of collecting and submitting paperwork. 


EyeMd EMR is the most ophthalmology-centered EHR as it was designed by ophthalmologists themselves. It has advanced features like built-in DICOM imaging, and integration with the IRIS registry makes it easier to provide patient care.


Keeping track of the data and information can be a handful if you have not implemented the right EHRs into your system. However, with Netra eye hospital software your business will run smoothly. EHR software for Ophthalmology requires an EMR with advanced features and support from high technology so that the functions are performed efficiently despite heavy traffic.