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EMR hospital software implementation

Electronic medical records software India, EMR implementation success stories

Hurray !! EMR success stories for hospitals to celebrate.

Recently we have implemented a hospital EMR module at 50+ mid-sized hospitals and over 1000 doctors are successfully using the medical records management function to help improve patient safety, experience, and satisfaction. Our new generation electronic medical records software works on iPad and Windows 10 tablets, had voice recognition to help doctors get over the hassles of typing while taking rounds or examining a patient.

The most difficult of tasks in implementing a hospital ERM solution is about managing change and EMR software takes these challenges to greater heights. The need is in motivating the medical community to adopt new processes and technologies that would help the hospital become efficient and compliant with the digital age.

The various medical departments using Hospital EMR software include Allergy & Respiratory diseases, Dental & Oral maxillofacial surgery, Dermatology, ENT, Cardiology, Neurology, Nutrition/Dietary, Gynecology, Urology, General & Laparoscopic Surgery, General Medicine, Internal Medicine, Neonatal care, Nephrology, Oncology. Ophthalmology EMR , Plastic Surgery, and Psychiatry. Our EMR implementation success stories in India, Africa regions are noteworthy.

Motivators for Netra 2.0 EMR success stories

  • Completeness of training and implementation
  • Complete support from top management at the hospital
  • Young and energetic new generation doctors
  • Absolute ease of use with EMR hospital software
  • Voice-enabled to help save hassles of typing
  • Support for Windows 10 and iPad to enable mobility in medical wards
  • Integrated with pharmacy, laboratory, and supporting departments

Roadblocks in Electronic Medical records implementation

  • Challenges in convincing about the benefit of EMR implementation and new process system.
  • Getting to train people and the nurses
  • The need to juggle work schedules
  • Demographic/digital divide among the medical community
  • Longer duration initially due to teething problems
  • The need to balance time between patient and EMR

Vikas is among the largest deployed, ready-to-use, NABH-compliant electronic medical records software with proven solutions for specialty, mid-sized hospitals, and nursing homes across East Africa, and India.

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