Why is Hospital ERP change management important?

Change management in hospitals

Hospital ERP change management, and EMR software implementation team, India

ERP change management – “Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have—and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up

Recently we replaced a legacy, EMR-focused hospital management software solution used by a large, multi-location eye care hospital based in India India.

During the eye hospital ERP change management and implementation process, we often face stiff resistance from end-users, especially the department heads of pharmacy, front office, cash counter, and inpatient management.  These are manifestations of the challenges ahead and the reasons are many.

While some cooperate after persuasion from the hospital management, others leave the organization well realizing that old ways of doing things are no longer accepted by the hospital stakeholders.

Hospital ERP change management challenges

  • Not willing to cooperate in the implementation process
  • Keep off training programs
  • Sense of insecurity as systems and processes change
  • Always on fault-finding mode with new reporting
  • Dual power centers in departments
  • Lack of transparency in reporting to higher-ups
  • Hand-in-glove with suppliers
  • Undue favors to patients who are friends and relatives
  • Payment for invoices without supplying products
Change management & eye hospital management software
  • Focusing on organizational growth strategy
  • Providing additional insights to the management
  • Patient safety and convenience
  • Following industry standards (COHSASA, NABH, Safe i, ISO, GST..)
  • Improved inter-department communication
  • Revenue Cycle management
  • Robust Inventory Management

Post-implementation and ERP change management, 4 out of 10 clients have reported higher revenues and lower procurement costs due to tighter control mechanisms and improved hospital workflow management.


Hospital ERP change management, HIS implementation in Cameroon, India

Implementing Netra eye hospital management software is not simply a matter of adopting hospital medical records automation, it is about implementing best practices in operations, finance, and inventory change management success stories.

Call us to know more about our hospital process maturity, robust ERP change management practices, and implementation plan for multi-location hospitals, clinics, and ophthalmology units.