Why ERP for hospitals on the cloud?

ERP for hospitals, healthcare erp software India

ERP for hospitals on cloud – The Healthcare industry is a very critical sector that requires immense attention to make sure that all the activities are carried out in an efficient & effective manner using a robust ERP in hospital. Thousands of patients are entering healthcare facilities every single day, making it a challenge for the hospital administration to manage everything smoothly. The employees are required to handle the huge volume of data on clinical, financial & operational activities, and effectively integrate them for easy access. Manually organizing such a massive volume of data often proved to be very time-consuming and inefficient without healthcare ERP systems.

This is why most hospitals and clinic chains are now using Hospital ERP on cloud (Vikas 2.0) to manage all medical & administration-related information for improved efficiency & cost savings. Healthcare ERP software (ERP in hospitals in India) is a software solution that can help hospitals and clinic chains to streamline  & manage clinical, financial, and administrative data, allowing healthcare providers to offer better quality service and enhanced patient experience. 

Enterprise resource planning Best ERP For healthcare

An ERP for hospitals must be fully integrated to ensure a single point of information source, capable of easily managing data related to the clinic, finance department, laboratory, nursing, pharmacy, radiology and pathology departments, etc with Integrated surgical workflow monitoring.

Major benefits of Vikas 2.0 healthcare ERP software on cloud

  • Fully integrated hospital management modules
  • Process maturity and workflow to streamline operations
  • Improved patient experience, safety, and satisfaction
  • Easy to adopt paperless hospital
  • Managing hospital with existing resources
  • Simplified insurance processes
  • NABH accreditation and CGHS software features
  • Hospital Growth enabler
  • Measurable Operational Cost Savings (ROI)
  • Enhanced information integrity
  • Reduced transcription errors
  • Eliminates duplicate Entries
  • Faster Report turnaround time
  • Ensures timely closure of hospital insurance claims
  • Control of expenses and cash collection
  • Facilities audit and management control
  • Improves hospital staff productivity

Information management with ERP for hospitals on cloud

Vikas 2.0 Hospital ERP software provides hospital owners instant access to relevant information about various operational and administrative activities. With more detailed information on patients & administration activities, hospital authorities can make better decisions, ensuring an increase in ROI & quality of service. A cloud-based ERP system for healthcare organizations to optimize Human Resources and provide enhanced patient care.

How is ERP used in healthcare?

The system can be easily configured according to the specific requirements of each hospital, by integrated modules that perform specific tasks. The hospital ERP software should be able to meet the scope & scale of all your needs.

What ERP do hospitals use? 

Vikas Hospital ERP software is one of the best-selling smart hospital management systems available today for mission, family, and doctor-owned hospitals, nursing homes, and chain of clinics in the African region serving hospitals in Cameroon, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Malawi & Botswana to manage growth, reduce costs, optimize processes, improve patient satisfaction and manage statutory compliance such  Read about our improving patient experience. A cloud-based hospital ERP system helps improve healthcare-specific business processes and patient care, including financial accounting aspects.

Reduced administrative efforts with ERP for hospitals

The system helps introduce discipline into administrative aspects by the implementation of smartly designed hospital management best practices. An immaculate record with on-time delivery is backed by a 60-day software hospital ERP implementation methodology. We provide the above industry standard help desk response, technical support, and unique quality of service guarantee policy as well for Hospital software in Kenya.

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