DICOM / PACS software solution

Hospital PACS software

We integrate popular open-source PACS software solutions with HIS-Vikas and HIS-Teja editions to provide hospitals with an integrated PACS environment, capable of integrating with leading vendor equipment and providing access to doctors on their personal workstations.
PACS software in hospitals
  • Replaces the hard copies of medical results onto Digital formats
  • Remote access to the resources
  • Acts as a single point of access for images
  • Integrated with out patient and in patient medical records module
  • Browser based information for doctors to have remote access
  • Fully secure technology, with regular data backups and industry standard encryption
  • Integration with HIS (Hospital Information Systems) / RIS (Radiology Information systems)
  • Data or images that are saved can be tagged with the patient identifiers to reduce the chances of errors
  • Implementing a PACS server