How good is Netra 2.0 Eye care hospital software

Netra – Improving patient experience

Netra 2.0 - eye care hospital softwareNetra eye care hospital software has been a technology partner since 2006, with the implementation at a large eye care hospital using a robust solution…There are 25+ doctors who have become tech-savvy through our structured implementation & training by now. Doctors are using the EMR in full swing, automated prescription, auto SMS and email, auto patient case sheet for all outpatients on mobile/system before a day of surgery; patient history on demand from day one on fingertips.., this made it easy for varied doctors consulting at various levels of treatment…EMR is fully integrated with optical and pharmacy modules for a prescription. Doctor-wise contribution in revenue on – no. of OP, no of IP/surgery, Pharmacy, opticals, (Prescription) could be extracted between days. Read about Ophthalmology EMR success stories.

Handling peak volume at eye care hospital software India

The average no of outpatients is among the highest in the industry. The eye hospital software is connected to 50+ workstations, integrated from all departments simultaneously with the in-house server. All are integrated with financial accounting solutions, where they take the trial balance, P&L, and B/S from Netra Eye hospital management software.

All the departments generate the concerned department hospital MIS and send it to the accounts departments on a daily basis…and on a monthly basis Accounts, departments submit Management Information taking the performance of each department to the stakeholders on economical figures. Hence the management is in a better position to make comparison charts with the past months and years and do the necessary corrections to scale the services and infrastructure of the hospital from time to time…and actions can be taken on a results basis well in advance. Cohsasa healthcare standards are important for the African region

Improved efficiency using eye care hospital software

Excess staff and overstocking in pharmacy/opticals are avoided with standard reporting on ABC, and FSN structures (pharmacy /optics) Packages for corporates/individuals can be set for particular ailments, set of optical, and on a fixed cost basis.

Secure software solution for eye hospitals in Cameroon

Confidentiality is maintained in each department by user rights setting – i.e., what is allowed would be seen; through centralized permission, center vested in the hands of (IT Head). There is a central store that takes care of centralized requests/purchases and issues to pharma/opticals and other hospital purchases. Since it is a desktop application any lost connection on LAN or the internet would not affect day to day affairs of any workstation since the local database is in each location and hence the connection retrieves the node gets updated with the main server, hence software downtime during patient service (nodes) are ruled out.

Electronic Medical Records for eye care hospitals

All the patient records are digitized, and no separate room for keeping medical records is a big saving from the hospital’s perspective both in space and human resources and more on which made records on figure tips through EMR and MIS on the other hand. There are about 4 counters for secretaries and 6 counters for counselors who look after the medical insurance /surgery/ward management and post-surgery walk-ins co-ordinating doctors/patients / OT / Insurance / Accounts / Wards etc.

Management information using eye care hospital software

For all the above reasons and also in many other ways of reporting and graphical representation, we could proudly say Netra eye hospital software is a robust system and a business tool for stakeholders. Guaranteed multi-location-enabled technology that works even when they (Stakeholders/owners) are asleep or attending conferences or holidaying.

Netra Eye care Hospital software – workflow, asset, and staff monitoring

Netra integrates Indoor location tracking beacons to enable eye hospitals in Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Botswana, and ophthalmology clinic chains in Malawi, Sudan, and other regions to help track & trace hospital staff, patients, equipment such as microscopes, scan machines, and monitor Indoor Air Quality in operation theaters, laboratory, and pharmacy.

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