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Netra – our Ophthalmology hospital software is built on advanced technology to provide the eye hospitals, patients, and doctors with great benefit to their delight. The reason why our eye care software is being used by clients across 18 states in India. Take a look at some of the immediate benefits derived by our eyecare hospital & ophthalmology clinic clients. SUN PHARMA recently placed an order with Eye hospital management software for installation at 100 locations across India, and Africa regions.

Best eye care software for patient experience management

Paperless operations – previously many eye hospitals were using lots of paper case sheets and there are unable to find them during the next patient visit. Now they are able to track all the previous investigation values from the system itself without waiting for the case sheets. Ophthalmology EMR reduces the efforts.

Collection analysis –  In a single window, the eye hospital owners can quickly have the collection analysis, patient flow analysis, waiting time analysis, etc and one can access the details of any day by picking a date from the calendar.

Multiple branches – The eye care chain of clinic management easy to access the details of each branch from the central office itself by simply selecting the branch name.

Optical stock management – previously there is no proper stock management in optical and pharmacy. It is difficult to track the pending optical orders from handwritten notes. Now they are able to track all the details with efficiency.

Roaming outpatient – In the case of all eye care hospitals, they use a unique outpatient number for the same patients in both the branches and all the clinical data from a branch is available in the other branch also and this makes easy operation for staff.

Patient Que management – Previously they are unable to manage the proper patient Que now they have the option of the token system and patients waiting for details available with color codes in optometry, secretary, and doctor screen it helps them for the proper patient management.

Direct prescription – Linking pharmacy, optical shop, and the outpatient consulting modules to help reduce the queue and improve collection and maintain optimal inventory levels in your ophthalmology clinic.

TPA Insurance – Complete processing of documents related to insurance patients. This includes processing, pre-authorization approval, and payment.

Performance analysis – In departments, various analyses can be done on the data to know the performance of visiting doctors, counselors, and optical assistants. Our eye care software takes care of hospital MIS requirements.

Surgery scheduling – Helps in optimal resource utilization at the operation theater and schedules eye surgeries of eye care hospitals accordingly to improve the patient experience.

Package billing – Management of fixed-cost packages for patients. This can be for surgeries and other eye care services based on packages selected by counselors.

Track & trace – Internet of things enabled digital twin in healthcare solutions are integrated into Netra eye hospital software. This feature provides remote monitoring and tracking of high-value equipment, sterile room environment, movement of people & secure assets.

Our Speciality hospital management software solutions are available in Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Malawi, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines through our partner network.

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