Cost savings for eye hospitals

Netra 2.0 Eye hospital management system on cloud

Netra 2.0, our eye hospital management system in the service of transforming eye hospitals into smarter ones, offers a plethora of advanced features such as ophthalmology electronic medical records (EMR), electronic health records (EHR), Laboratory information management system (LIMS in hospital), Patient Portal, Optical shop, and counseling. Our R&D team developed these features to enhance both patients’ seamless and the hospital’s tireless experiences. Moreover, all these features are integrated with one another for better accessibility and administration. Netra has benefitted over 100 eye hospitals across India and Africa. To give a better picture of the cost savings, risk aversion, competitive edge, and other benefits to the hospital, we have provided a framework for our Return On Investment in the healthcare ERP implementation model.

Cost savings | Netra 2.0 eye hospital management system benefits

Netra 2.0 eye hospital management system on cloud

Workforce optimization

Netra’s automated system decreases manual labor for the areas it covers. Thus it puts an end to the underutilization of the workforce. Thus it optimizes staffing in each department and increases staff efficiency. Thus more tasks could be completed by the same number of personnel; no additional hiring; saves money.

Avoids hidden costs

Netra’s fully digitalized system advances the hospital’s daily operations, which eliminates hidden operational costs consummated by the maintenance of a physical medical record database, besides integrating optometry devices such as Tonometer, refractometer & Lensmeter.

Automated alert system

Netra system alerts clinical staff on preventive maintenance, machine calibration, and license renewals. Thus, reducing untimely repairs and unwanted service costs.

Automated promotion system

In rising smartphone usage regions like South Africa, the Netra software helps to map patients area-wise, and diagnosis-wise and ensure targeted promotions through the hospital WhatsApp platform. Thus providing periodical follow-ups and reducing promotional costs.

Integrated inventory management

Netra’s integrated inventory management ensures optimum inventory levels across departments. Thus it reduces overstocking and avoids revenue leakage within the pharmacy and central stores.

Centralized information system

If the organization has multiple branches/departments, it can be managed through both online and offline modes, irrespective of the network. This reduces the operational cost when compared to the cloud system.

Helps generation of revenues using eye hospital management system

Netra & Cost savings - Benefits of eye hospital management In eye hospital management East Africa region, an average eye hospital generates revenue through services (surgeries, consultation, and counseling), through the sale of the optical spectacles and hospital’s pharmacy, and through other external support (subsidies and insurance schemes). Netra helps in increasing revenues in all these areas.

Increased optical & pharmacy sales

Netra 2.0 system has strategic software features that offer specialized e-prescriptions for optical and pharmacy purchases. This increases the purchase conversion rate and so the sales of opticals and pharmacy; thus revenue increase is ensured.

Increased patient flow

Netra’s seamless system reduces patients spending time for every visit by 45%. This saves a couple of hours in an average day which can allow the hospital to treat more patients in a day; Increased revenue.

Elimination of paper pen method

Netra 2.0 replaces the paper pen method in the organization; thus offering more precision and flawless service. It also reduces the space required to keep the medical records in the hospital. This can be utilized for additional services or setups.

Automated Insurance Process

In Africa, one in every three patients seeks insurance for their treatments. Netra collaborates with third-party blockchain-enabled systems that will cut the processing time of medical insurance and automating the process. This feature tends to improve the cash flow by a magnitude of 50%. 

Increased surgery conversion rate

Surgeries, mostly cataract in the African region, contributes a significant share ( >40%) to the hospital revenue. However, hospital providers fail to attain surgery conversion targets due to a lack of process-driven counseling. Patients should be followed up, communicated with, and counseled periodically for successful surgery conversion. Netra eye clinic software for counselling feature helps to attain the conversion targets; thus increasing revenues.

Building Competitive Advantage in eye hospitals

Competitive Advantage - Benefits of Netra eye hospital management solution

The smart hospital is an edge

Being a smart eye hospital equipped with advanced digitalized features that give uncompromised care to its patients, keep it over its competitors. Netra 2.0 ensures this with its patient, clinical, material data integration features.

Patient care journey

It is crucial for doctors to get overall health insights of repeating patients. This feature can encourage patients to prefer a hospital over its competitors. Netra’s advanced ophthalmology EMR gives the understanding of a patient health journey from beginning to end in a single platform.

Customized patient onboarding  

Unique Patient Portal software for every patient gives them a customized feel that they have individually cared for. Hospital with Netra’s patient portal provides such a highness to their patients over other hospitals.

Financial accounting solution

Netra’s ERP solution with its financial accounting API  helps the stakeholders to check the revenue performance of the hospital in terms of economical figures on a periodical basis. This helps the hospital to do comparisons and to take necessary corrective measures based on the results. This provides an edge in understanding and forecasting the hospital’s performance over its competitors.

Assured patient safety

African hospitals generally use optometry machines like Auto refractometers, Non-Contact Tonometers, lensmeters, and Phoropters. These complicated types of medical device integration with Netra will ensure patient safety.

Business Risk Avoidance in eye hospital management

Avoid Risk - Benefits of Netra eye hospital management software

Ensure patient safety

During this unprecedented time, it is important for African hospitals to follow necessary covid protocols by regulating patient flow. Netra’s indoor location tracking beacons help to track and trace hospital staff and patient flow. This also helps in contact tracing when needed. Thus, the risk is being prevented. 

Safeguard medical assets 

Medical equipment thefts have been an increasing threat in the African health industry. Netra’s indoor location tracking keeps an eye on optometry equipment and can allow authorized-only access to the equipment by ‘grouping’. Thus it reduces the risk of medical asset thefts

Quality control

Generally, certain areas at hospitals should be maintained at an ideal temperature and air quality for a proper treatment environment. Netra’s IPS monitors the hospital’s air quality operation theaters, laboratory, and pharmacy. Besides, integrating optometry devices with Netra improves climates errors, and improves accuracy in readings.

Zero error rate

In Cameroon eye hospitals, there has been a visual acuity error rate of 25%. Netra 2.0 optometry device integration systems are well equipped to attain a zero error rate in optometry that ensures complete patient safety.

IOL verification

Unique barcodes and Barcode verification against the surgery will reduce the theft of intraocular lenses used during cataract surgeries. 

Enhancing Emotional aspects for patients with eye hospital management

Netra software & eye hospital management benefits

Reduces work stress

Automation of certain preliminary tasks by Netra eliminates the tiring jobs of registrations, appointments, lab results, etc. This gives a chance for the workforce to work on more productive tasks and increases efficiency, which also reduces work stress. 

Serenity to stakeholders

The functioning of a hospital needs a lot of attention and supervision. However, Netra with its robust system and tools provides management support and adds automation to hospital operations. Using multi location-enabled technology, stakeholders can manage hospital operations from anywhere. This indicates that Netra can streamline the operations, brings relief, and reduces risk.

Enhanced patient experience

An average eye hospital visit takes 60-90 minutes for patients in South Africa. However, using Netra systems in a hospital decrease the visit time by 30-40 minutes. While spending a long time in a hospital has been a matter of concern for patients, this experience shifts their perception to a positive tone.

Individual care

Since Netra’s service offerings are mostly patient-oriented, it makes them feel more special and customized care to each individual. This individual care brings trust, loyalty, and reliability to the hospital.

Word of mouth marketing

None of the advertisements can add value to a hospital other than a positive word of mouth from previously engaged patients. Their feedback and reviews influence a sea of new patients. Thus, Netra with its patient-oriented services would surely bring good prospects to your hospital.

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