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Netra 2.0 Eye hospital management software | Eye clinic software | Ophthalmology EMR software | Optical shop inventory | WhatsApp integration | Pharmacy inventory prediction | Counseling | Laboratory | Best Eye hospital software with IOL management and Optometry machine integration

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Netra 2.0 optometry equipment integration in India, Netra 2.0 lite - eye clinic software IndiaEye Hospital Management Software India

Netra 2.0 is an eye hospital software & Ophthalmology EMR for enhancing patient experience management. Netra 2.0 addresses the operational and growth requirements of professionally run eye hospitals & chains of clinics. 10 good reasons to deploy Netra 2.0, the best Eye Hospital Management Software with integrated Ophthalmology EMR software, 100+ satisfied customers across Africa & India. Read about the benefits of NetraNetra 2.0 eye hospital management software experts will guide you through the Ophthalmology EMR selection process and recommend modules that are relevant to the new normal. Time for your hospital to adopt digital practices to improve patient safety, experience, and cost advantages with your improved internal efficiencies for multi location eye clinics

75+ customers. Ophthalmology centres, and clinics use Netra range of ready-to-deploy eye hospital software solutions.

Deployed across 2 continents, 4 countries, and 16 states in India. Superior support with 98% weekly closures.

500+ doctors use Netra 2.0 Ophthalmology EMR solutions, supporting over 5,000 outpatients on a daily basis.

200+ cataract operations handled daily.  300+ optometry devices connected for improved accuracy and patient safety.

360 degree integration

Connecting all departments to ensure single window billing workflow management for improving patient experience. This improves experience and safety.

Operational analysis

In a single window MIS dashboard, the eye hospital management  owners can quickly have the collection analysis, patient flow analysis, waiting time analysis, etc.

Optometry Machine interfacing

Through Netra 2.0 eye hospital software, all the pre-consulting procedures are LIMS integrated. This enhances patient safety & security by ruling out all possible human errors.

Insurance processing

Documents related to insurance patients. This includes processing, pre-authorization approval, and payment using Netra 2.0 eye hospital software

Eye hospital Management insights

Differentiate yourself from competition. Netra 2.0 lite eye clinic software provides the best insights into operations through MIS dashboards for improving patient workflow and safety. 

Ophthalmology EMR software

With complete integration, very less use of paper is required while using Netra 2.0 lite. Patient’s physical records are digitized enabling easy and fast retrieval of medical records.

Package billing for fixed budget patients

Eye hospital Management for fixed cost packages in surgeries and other services based on schemes selected by counsellors to ensue billing practices

Multi-branch connectivity with central monitoring

Easy to access  patient, pharmacy & optical inventory and relevant details of each branch from the central office itself. Enable group procurement for saving costs.

Optical & pharmacy inventory

Enables tracking all the inventory stock details in optical store & operation theatre with great efficiency.

Direct prescription

Linking pharmacy, optical shop, and the outpatient consulting modules to improve collection and maintain optimal inventory levels.

Operations and growth

Netra is an Ophthalmology EMR & patient workflow experience management solution addressing needs of professionally run eye hospitals & chain of eye centres

Patient waiting times

Token system and patient waiting details helps proper patient management, with integrated beacons to track the actual time spent in each department.

  • I am facing constraints to sustain eye hospital revenues 
  • My speciality eye hospital lacks an integrated system to support growth 
  • I have no Idea on how to optimize hospital costs and resources
  • Out patients experience long wait times in departments
  • Our eye hospital lacks control on inventory and purchases
  • Our employees are still using punching attendance systems
  • Outstanding from insurance companies and insurance process Is out of control
  • We face implementation challenges In hospital accreditation process.
  • Low surgery conversions hurt the eye hospital revenues badly
  • My eye hospital lacks well defined work procedures to cope with government policies 
  • I faced poor support from the existing hospital software vendor.
  • My vendor has no clarity on product roadmap, hence our progress has hit a wall
Netra software for eye hospitals. Netra 2.0 cloud enabled software

We host monthly Webinars,

It is scheduled for the final Thursday or Friday of each month, to enhance patient experience using eye hospital Management software on cloud. Netra 2.0 blog

  • Eye hospital software to manage 25+ Outpatients a day
  • Eye clinic software bronze, silver & gold editions
  • 5 hours of online training & video modules
  • Dedicated database with a highly secure firewall
  • Robust Eye clinic software with updates / daily backups
  • WhatsApp messaging, Hospital Kiosk & token display
  • MIS dashboard with AI-enabled predictions
  • Multi-lingual, manage group practices globally
  • Optometry machine integration for accurate results
  • We don’t share or sell your valuable business data


  • Front Office
  • Optometry
  • Doctors Desk
  • Optical Shop
  • Pharmacy
  • Counsellor
  • In-patient Billing
  • Ward Management
  • WhatsApp messaging
  • Operation Theatre
  • Purchase/Store
  • Secretary Desk
  • Insurance
  • MRD
  • Procedure & Reporting







Netra 2.0 lite –  Eye clinic software | Ophthalmology EMR software

Our best ophthalmology EMR with eye clinic software, ophthalmology group practice management solution digitizes physical medical records, and enhances the patient experience, Netra 2.0 lite, was developed under the guidance of leading Ophthalmologists, management professionals, and experts in the Indian Healthcare & IT Industry. Netra 2.0 software addresses the operational, and growth requirements of medium, large, and chain of clinics, with redefined clinical and nonclinical modules & advanced healthcare technologies. Read our FAQ >>

Netra - Eye Hospital Management Software | Hospital ERP System

Eye hospital management software | Ophthalmology EMR software | Improve patient workflow

  • Increase patient outreach through our digital solutions for eye hospitals.
  • We guarantee hospital cost savings !!. Every year through patient engagement, resource optimization & improvement in operational efficiencies.
  • Our Return On Investment implementation model has helped over 200 hospitals across India, Kenya, Botswana, Cameroon, and Zimbabwe.
  • Integrated with EMR 2.0 patient portal, patient workflow, staff productivity, and noncontact attendance monitoring using realtime asset tracking system.

A powerful set of reports which can help improve operations, inventory management and patient experience

  • Pharmacy Sold Medicine Detailed
  • Stock Report As On Date
  • Supplier Wise Expiry Report
  • New Item Ledger
  • Supplier Address List All
  • Finalized Surgery List
  • Date-Wise Cancelled Surgery List
  • Surgery Schedule Report
  • Optical Item Stock Report [Detailed]
  • Optical Order Details
  • Surgery Schedule List
  • Daily Patient Visits
  • Admitted Patient Details
  • Supplier / product wise Purchase Details
  • Contact Lens Report [Detailed]
  • Optical Daily Ledger (Detailed)
  • Optical Order Details (Sales Person-Wise)
  • Optical Order Cancelled Details
  • Optical Sold Item Details
  • Patient Source Wise Details
  • Area Wise Patients
  • Diagnosis Wise Patient Details
  • Ar Room Processed Patients
  • Detailed Canceled Bills Report
  • Bill type Wise Discount Given 
  • Supplier Wise Collection Summary
  • Ip Bill Register With Advance
  • Stock And Sale Report
  • Detailed Patient Waiting > 60 Minutes
  • Doctor Wise Bills for the day
  • Age Wise Patient Visit Report
  • Referral Doctor-Wise Patient Count 
  • MIS Report monthly
  • Detailed Patient Count
  • Doctor Wise Procedure/Surgery Count
  • Detailed Patient Waiting
  • Detailed Bill Register – Reception
  • Detailed Bill Register – Pharmacy
  • Due Collection Detailed
  • Collection Summary
  • Detailed Bill Register
  • Procedure Collection 

33 years in the Information technology industry. Trust, transparency, ethics & integrity

Pan India, Africa client base & local language support such as French, Portuguese, 

Immaculate ophthalmology EMR implementation and training.

Excellent after-sales support, product upgrades and technical advice and relationship manager.

Proven presence in the Indian healthcare industry, providing hospital management solutions and consultation process

Netra is an ophthalmology practice management eye centre solution that has helped leading eyecare specialists

Helps adopt the latest healthcare technologies with immediate & long-term operational benefits.

Optometry machine integration for Tonometers, Refractometers & Lensmeter

Scalable in accordance with the hospital’s expansion plans with multi-location centre support

A reliable partner in an eye hospital management accreditation process

30 years of expertise in designing healthcare software solutions

100+ Netra eye hospital software installations across India, South & West Africa

Multi-branch connectivity and vision center management solution with centralised inventory management.

Netra eye hospital management software & Ophthalmology EMR software India

Netra 20 is a tried and tested Eye hospital Management & Ophthalmology EMR, Eye clinic software that is used by leading eyecare institutions in India and Africa Presbyterian Eye Hospital Cameroon).

Contact us for a discussion with experts to more about of best eye hospital management software with ophthalmology EMR. Available in India, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Mauritius, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Cameroon, Tanzania, Uganda, and Malawi.