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Specialty eye hospital resource utilisation – As discussed earlier, budget planning and making available the required resources in a hospital is important, especially in markets such as East Africa where the healthcare industry is being disrupted by the entry of large players.

With the rising costs and regulatory norms, optimizing resource utilization is has become critical to the survival of small and medium-sized hospitals. Many a time, the resource after being made available to the organization, there is no proper planning or surveillance methodology to track the productivity details in the hospital. This leads to under utilization and lesser revenue generation.

To avoid this resource planning and mapping the cost to revenue is very important. In a broad way, resources can be divided into the following types

  • Infrastructure and equipment
  • Materials and consumables
  • Human resources
  • Automation at customer touchpoints

Specialty eye Hospital resource utilisation

Infrastructure utilization in an intelligent way can save a lot of costs for the hospital, as along with infrastructure usage, other costs are associated. Right from the building planning stage, departments should be positioned in a way, so that it optimizes the workflow, makes delivery seamless, and does not duplicate the efforts of human resources. 

Material and consumable utilization need internal policy and practices to be standard and tracking the order ordering new inventory, timely checking, etc are ensured by the use of a good hospital information system.

For the above two processes, Vikas Hospital ERP software and  Netra eye hospital software a wonderful solutions, that bring genuine returns to the hospital in a very short stint after the hospital starts using the solution.

Optimal human resource utilization is a challenging job in any eye care hospital. It is a known fact that hospitals are understaffed most of the time. and many times staff are multitasking. However, with diligent manpower planning, assigning the right task to the right people, increasing delegation and providing decision-making authority in a limited way and regular supervision performance of staff can be optimized.

The use of data from Netra eye hospital software and Vikas 2.0 hospital management software can help a lot in improving the hospital resource utilization exercise. A hospital software implementation plan should help

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