Hospital Financial Management Benefits

Helping you enhance your hospital financial management and services, hospital management software modules like patient accounting software, indoor asset tracking, pharmacy inventory prediction, etc ease up your workload and helps you meet statutory compliance.

Improve Patient experience with hospital accounting software

Vikas hospital financial management software benefits

Ease of doing Business: – Vikas web version eases your daily task management of managing hospital accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchases, and sales. Not only that it automatically posts accounts from different departments reducing the workload and hence enhancing employee engagement (one of the biggest challenges faced by African healthcare departments) and morale as they get to work on more important tasks like building strategies. 

Easy Payment Options for Patients: – Patients can easily do payments via the integrated payment gateway for the patient portal. It induces instant payments and enhances your hospital’s supplementary services thus improving patient satisfaction.   


Cost savings & hospital financial management

Vikas - Hospital ERP solutions for cost savings

Keeping track of money: – Vikas keeps account of the outstanding bill statements of suppliers of inventory /equipment thus reminding timely payments, and monitors profitability of doctors and departments for better resource allocation. With the implementation of VIKAS, our customers have been able to save 0.5% on Bank Overdraft. 

Cost Accountability: – Lack of accountability of expenses due to lack of human resources often end up in high costs for the hospitals in countries like Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Vikas links the medical record management for maintaining the activity based costing so as to keep record of the spendings, which would enhance the budget allocation process. 

Competitive advantage with healthcare accounting software

Vikas hospital ERP front office software enhances your competitive advantage

Integration with the leading finance packages

Vikass hospital Financial Management System provides services from leading financial packages such as Tally, Sage etc through the means of integrating operations. These are the best packages available in the market which offers proper advisory services on payment on taxes and other statutory activities done by an organization. Incorporating this can put your organization ahead your competitors in following ways: 

Better control over cash flowhelp you to get paid faster as well as managing payment timelines,  facilitates easy and efficient stock movement, making it possible to optimize the cash flow

Enhanced business efficiency

Get to know irregularities and odd details by generating periodical reports

Tax compliance made easy – your books are maintained properly and accurate

Hospital management fraud & error reduction

Vikas 2.0 healthcare ERP software for Risk Avoidance in the industry

Enhancing Standards: – Incorporating Vikas ensures that your hospital complies with all the financial statutory needs of a reputable hospital, thus helps in attaining best class accreditations like COHSASA and other international accreditations. 

Increase revenues & financial management

Vikas ERP for hospitals ; Finance management module

Consolidation of Accounts: – An average African hospital has 20-22 operational and accounting sections. Our Financial Management module has a flagship feature of integrating all the accounts and modules at a one-click away in a single platform. This allows the consolidation of the performances, credits, debits of all the accounts in a hospital in a single integrated gateway. It helps in several ways like faster billing, faster discharge, reduced workload, monthly financial analysis, and understanding the hospital performance in terms of revenue. Our clients have recorded a 20% increase in bed occupancy just by reducing the financial operation time. Thus, having a flawless, integrated financial management planner surely can help in many ways to yield revenue.