How to know the hidden benefits of Hospital asset tracking

Improved staff productivity, and delivering a positive patient experience

Reduce breakdowns, improve asset management using hospital asset tracking solutions

IOT hospital asset tracking software, indoor inventory tracking tags,

Hospital asset tracking – Let us face the facts – the healthcare industry is going through disruption & commoditization – Everyone offers the same levels of medical expertise, h-tech equipment, modern infrastructure, low tariffs, referrals, etc. The only differentiation can be through improved patient experience management.

Typical hospital asset tracking solutions provide versatile reporting on the financial aspects. Nowadays, asset information can be tracked to understand the usage, utilization, operating environment, movement, possible theft, and location-based audit of mobile medical equipment. Such low cost of ownership solutions enables enhanced patient experience management, enabling hospitals to provide superior visit-related workflow solutions to patients. Deploying a Workflow tracking solution could be one of the answers to bring differentiation to your hospital.

Hospital asset tracking and monitoring solutions

Theft and abuse remain major problems for NHS and other hospitals. A number of Florida hospitals report they have fallen prey to thieves who are dressing as hospital workers or service company employees and stealing expensive medical equipment. The thefts are creating both financial losses to hospitals and the danger that some lifesaving equipment will be missing when needed. More than 50 hospitals have been hit over the past 18 months, says Jim Kendig, incoming president of the Florida Society for Healthcare Security and Safety Professionals, Orlando.

Hospital asset management tags & certification

Asset Management in engineering Services is perhaps the most vital of the utility services in the hospital applying for NABH accreditation. The efficiency of the entire patient care delivery system of the hospital depends on its efficiency. Even the slightest breakdown of a power supply system, information system communication system, or malfunctioning of vital equipment can have catastrophic effects. Predictive analytics solutions can help comply with healthcare international standards.

Hospital asset management – monitoring can save costs

Let us look at some of the equipment registers of specialty hospital asset management functions that would benefit from digital twin applications for efficient monitoring and maintenance to reduce cost and improve patient experience and satisfaction. Internet of Things enabled technologies to help NABH and Safe-I-compliant specialty hospitals to have regular preventive maintenance schedules, inventory of critical spates, etc. to maintain equipment uptime using hospital asset tracking software.

Asset tracking systems in hospitals aid audit purposes

We provide SMS, e-mail, and push notification technologies using hospital asset tags to track high-value medical equipment, operation theatres, cold storage, deep freezers, and life-saving medicines. The Indoor positioning solutions can also be used in specialty hospitals, for ophthalmic equipment tracking and monitoring, and for patient & hospital asset tracking systems. Hospital asset management and tracking method would need manual intervention and mapping large areas and location-finding functions would not be possible.

Machine learning & asset tags enabled monitoring using hospital asset tracking software

By using indoor positioning data analytics, we provide business intelligence on workflow management, staff movement, etc. This helps in reducing the cost of servicing equipment. Moving from a reactive to a proactive model would help reduce breakdowns; and improve patient experience, safety, and satisfaction.

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