How to use Hospital asset tracking software

NABH compliance & preventive maintenance

How will a hospital asset tracking software help improve compliance and patient safety ? These are critical questions to be asked if you run a well-oiled specialty hospital a or chain of specialty clinics, in the process of complying with COHSASA / NABH / Safe-i accreditation. Imagine having the liberty of monitoring your high-value hospital equipment for its current location, usage, and environment information for your audit and maintenance departments.

Improve patient safety, staff productivity with hospital asset tracking system

Our award-winning smart devices and fixed asset tracking solutions for hospital asset tracking and monitoring provide you with the right set of tools to achieve these and solve problems related to tracking and monitoring high-value medical equipment. The integrated, Bluetooth enabled solutions are deployed on hospital equipment to transmit the data onto a secure cloud server for you, and the preventive maintenance and stores department team members can continuously monitor various parameters such as the temperature, humidity, operating environment, and location of mobile medical equipment in facilities management.

In the healthcare industry, as part of the lifecycle of surgical scrubs and linen, they are used, cleaned, and returned for further usage. Although the costs of these items aren’t typically a consideration when it comes to seeking improved management, the administration time and effort of managing the items are costly. RFID tags can be attached to scrubs and lines to improve traceability and optimize the management of the items.

Hospital Asset Tracking

Hospitals need to invest in automation solutions to become competitive. Remote monitoring and tracking solutions that help in protecting and enhancing the life of valuable fixed assets and ensuring regular preventive maintenance schedules. RFID tags that are laundry safe (We offer different wash cycle ratings) are attached to scrubs and linens. Options typically include being able to heat seal, stitch or embed the RFID tag. The RFID tag also provides a unique identifier to the item so, from a traceability perspective, you have serialization using hospital asset management software.

RFID solutions – Hospital Asset tracking system

When was the last time you audited the inventory of high-value hospital equipment such as ultrasound, portable ECG machines, etc located at different departments? How practical would it be to track the usage of high-value hospital equipment while you are attending a conference? Are these medical devices billed, according to the usage or is there a leakage of revenue? How many of this medical equipment are taken out for repair and returned on time. How often are the preventive maintenance schedules being carried out based on medical equipment usage? Hospital Business intelligence tools help. 

Hospitals can use RFID solutions to quickly, efficiently, and accurately conduct cycle counts and audits. With RFID, bulk scan RFID tags to cut down on manual counting efforts. Understand variances right away and take action.

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Vikas hospital fixed asset and high value equipment tracking and monitoring solutions from Software Associates

Hospital asset tracking software & monitoring system

The tracking devices comply with all international norms on communication protocols and measurement standards. The integrated collaborative software solutions are designed and developed by our research and development center to solve your business problems related to the tracking of hospital assets.

The monitoring and data analytics solution provides a set of easy to understand reports to quickly track and monitor equipment usage and the environment. The software solution can also be used to monitor the storage environment of vaccines and other life-saving drugs, apart from hospital building automation. Healthcare asset tracking in real time helps improve patient care and hospital staff productivity. Asset management software integrated with fixed asset software to improve audits with hospital asset tracking solutions and indoor positioning systems.

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