Hospital cash counter software

Vikas - Hospital cash counter software ; currency management, daily accounts tallying
Managing cash counter made easy in hospitals

Cash is king especially during tough economic times like Covid19, it is imperative to encourage digital payments, but in rural economies, patients still prefer currency payments. The central hospital cash counter account system takes the pain out of managing your hospital payment and receipt collection – both cash and credit transactions. Our module, integrated with the hospital billing software helps improve your financial discipline, effectively introduces checks and balances to manage all transactions related to receipts and petty payments, thus preventing avenues for finance frauds and manipulation in daily collections.

Reduce pilferage, frauds in hospital cash counter

  • Improves cash management for your hospital
  • Centralized view and settlement of all cash and credit bills
  • Enables front office expense management
  • Information on pending and received bills
  • View daily opening & closing cash balances
  • Data on pending cash bills for a selected patient
  • Inter department cash and bill accounting
  • Conversion of bills to inpatient debit pool
  • Provision for inpatient debit payment settlement.
  • Hospital cash management link with financial accounting
  • Patient wait time and inpatient flow matrices
  • Alerts on unauthorized entry to account department
  • Alert on tampering of cash box and security safe
  • Patient workflow management and wait time alert
  • Linking cash management with online payment gateway