How to know the difference between Hospital ERP and EMR?

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Hospital ERP and EMR software solutions India

Netra eye hospital management software and Vikas ERP for hospitals software solutions handle high-volume transactions, multi-clinic locations, and ophthalmology hospital installations in Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Maldives, Kenya & India. Facilitates a combination of independent and networked clinical units to manage all aspects of operational excellence, patient medical records, and patient consultation.

Netra eye hospital software is built for the future –  as the automation tool for specialty & eye hospitals incorporates advanced aspects such as patient workflow management, a patient self-service portal,  hospital asset tracking, ophthalmic equipment interfacing, etc to help reduce patient wait time and improve safety and security.

Effective utilization of resources would be an important function for any organization and Netra hospital ERP plays a vital role to help reduce the deployment of people in departments.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are widely being adopted by eye care hospitals in India and help inpatient medical record storage and retrieval. However, the business functions of the ophthalmology hospital are not covered in EMR. Our EMR solutions are compatible with Windows 10 and iPad tablet devices.

Hence it is important to consider the enterprise resource planning (ERP) aspects of the eyecare hospital before deciding on the vendor.

Hospital ERP & EMR for specialty & ophthalmology hospital management

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software such as Netra covers all aspects of the running of the hospital that including electronic medical records, operations, finance, front desk, IOL, inventory management in hospitals, fixed asset monitoring etc to provide you with a 360-degree view of your hospital.

All these solutions are backed by an in-depth implementation and dedicated helpdesk team. Our healthcare products and customized solutions are fully tested, GST ready, and work on-premise and cloud environments. The distributed software architecture enables easy connectivity with remote branches with limited internet availability.

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Specialty, Ophthalmology EMR hospital automation solution

Our Hospital ERP & EMR are integrated with patient workflow, nurse tracking, asset monitoring, laboratory cold chain monitoring, and remote location dashboard solutions.

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