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Hospital ERP implementation failure, HR dynamics, leadership & resistance to change

ERP implementation in healthcare –  failure & how to prevent. Post the COVID-19 scenario, we have successfully implemented hospital ERP solutions online for our clients with 100% success. Some aspects that lead to failures are mentioned below.

Organization dynamics apart, here are some reasons for healthcare ERP implementation failures in India. Recently we implemented a large-scale deployment for a chain of hospitals having 21 units and the learnings were immense.

Commitment: The doctor-owner of the hospital must embrace, support, and be actively involved in the discovery, selection, and implementation of the solution. While the tasks can be delegated, the decisions and oversight must remain at the top.

We work closely with top management in educating and providing them with a 360-degree preview of the hospital and ensure wholehearted participation in order to commit to the necessary business process changes required.

Scope: Because of the vast array of choices and capabilities, every business must have a detailed set of requirements for any evaluation and selection of technology. Don’t be swayed by the vendor, tie everything back to a hospital business process or need.

Our healthcare ERP software products are relevant to the markets in which we work. We deliver measurable results within 45 days of implementing our hospital management system.

How to prevent failures of ERP implementation in healthcare 

Internal Process Misunderstanding: Informal business processes don’t, generally, have a precise definition. They’re defined in an ad-hoc manner and change constantly. Internal business processes must be well defined and understood (insufficient clarity) to allow for capture and implementation into an enterprise or business application environment. The time to define processes is not in the middle of the implementation.

Project Management: The online implementation of the healthcare platform should not be relegated to those that ‘have time’ or are ‘technical’ in nature. Instead, identify a key individual who is outstanding at managing multiple resources, across multiple business areas, within a particular timeline and budget. The strength of project management is a good predictor of the outcome and the hospital software ERP success.

Disciplined timelines and action plans ensure that all implementation projects are completed on time. Weekly progress meetings are held with key personnel to ensure minimal project overruns at various departments. Hospital enterprise resource planning with Human Resources management, strategic planning, reduced costs, long-term benefits of inventory management, and business intelligence decision making.

Improve ERP implementation in healthcare

Online training: The benefit the business will receive from implemented technology is often in direct correlation to the type and level of training received by users. Skimp on training and you increase the cost of the technology to the hospital. Provide adequate training and support, and the hospital reap the greatest rewards for the effort and dollars put in the hospital management ERP solution.

We provide dedicated, online structured training to hospital staff at operational, supervisory, and managerial levels in order to simplify the use of information systems by non-IT personnel to prevent hospital ERP failure.

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