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Our highly acclaimed Vikas 2.0 Hospital ERP software return on investment (ROI) calculators have been showcased at NASSCOM Emerge forums and for full-time post-graduate students at the Indian Institute Management Kozhikode (IIMK) and other business forums. We have documented evidence of cost reduction by many of our hospital clients. Read about hospital ERP software benefits and hospital workflow management solutions You can use ROI as the benchmark for the selection of hospital software vendors in India. These ROI calculators provide you with evidence of the depth and experience of the hospital software providers.

This means, our hospital software comes literally free to you, as we provide you with documented proof of the savings potential in absolute numbers that our products and services can bring from transforming the processes and reducing costs at your specialty or eye hospital, eye clinic chains, or clinic or nursing home.

Hospital Management ERP return on investment 

These calculations are from customer usage insights we have gathered from implementing hospital management software at 250+ owner, corporate, trust, and mission hospitals in 18 states across India.  Besides, the savings are all yours once you get back the investment in Vikas 2.0 hospital management software.

That’s right, and we guarantee you a money-back offer in case our calculations do not produce results in 6 months’ time. If you happen to be the chief executive of the hospital, there are no better reasons to introduce our product which has maximum hospital ERP ROI.

Invest in proven hospital software reap the benefits of reduced procurement costs and improve your rating for ease of doing business.

We also provide hospital asset management IoT solutions, comprising industrial-grade Bluetooth mesh sensors, gateway devices, and analytics software