Netra 2.0 Eye hospital management softwareVikas 2.0 - Vikas 2.0 - hospital management ERP software benefits include Patient experience, cost savings, operational efficiency in laboratory, stores

Hospital ERP and change management

Understanding efficient, hospital ERP software benefits oriented solutions is generally a difficult decision, considering the number of choices available, the cost involved, and the pains of ERP change management. A clear understanding of the benefits of the solution and references from the users can help in making the right decisions. As the value perceived may vary from each person, we are listing the key benefits which we think apply in general.

Vikas 2.0 & Netra Hospital ERP software benefits

  • Improved patient safety through linen and scrubs tracking
  • The lower breakdown costs for hospital equipment
  • Optimize stores inventory management procurement cost
  • Control nonmoving inventory in the pharmacy
  • Shorten cycle for in-patient credit cycle collection
  • Higher patient revenue share through out-patient consulting
  • Laboratory information system integration increases accuracy & reduces risks
  • Enhanced patient experience using workflow management
  • Improved preventive maintenance & inspections
  • Centralized, hassle-free patient admissions
  • Patient tracking for measuring waiting times in departments
  • Patient self-service portal for reduced back-office
  • Reduced inpatient waiting time in departments using IoT solutions

Hospital ERP software benefits ; process optimisation, revenue generation, patient experience management

Hospital ERP software benefits - process efficiency, cost savings, patient experience

Patient experience, cost savings, operational efficiency.

Dysfunctional process in hospitals creates chaos in routine operations resulting in stressed-out staff, errors, loss of revenue, and unhappy patients.  With expertise spanning two decades, automating various hospital processes, we have mastered the sciences behind process streamlining and have encapsulated it in hospital ERP software benefits.

Hospital ERP software benefits in Enhancing  patient experience

  • Improved patient workflow using shop floor monitoring
  • Enhanced department-wise performance
  • Improved transparency in hospital operations.
  • Increased revenue in pharmacy and laboratory
  • Optimized inventory management
  • Easy processing of patient data
  • Inventory pilferage reduction through monitoring
  • Higher hospital employee productivity
  • Higher room utilization through the faster checkouts

Smart Hospital ERP - MIS module for predicting inventory, patient inflow

Africa, Hospital software benefits - Growth strategies

Hospital growth stories

Your Hospital growth strategies can include adding new specializations, increasing facilities, partnering with specialist doctors, branching out to other locations, catering to international clients, etc.

To accommodate these growth initiatives, you require proper orchestration of operations and a robust system that is scalable. Our well-thought-out hospital ERP software is scalable enough to accommodate the addition of new outlets, departments, users, branches, etc.

The solution offers benefits of data centralization facilitating ease of management of multiple centers and access to hospital health data. It also enables collaboration with other applications and third-party tools.

Hospital workflow monitoring

  • Efficiency in hospital inpatient and outpatient billing systems
  • Control and monitoring over cash and charity fund allotment
  • Hospital administration time and cost savings
  • Improved inpatient department and related collection
  • Easy tax compliance, financial planning and savings
  • Improved co-ordination between departments

Streamlined hospital management process

Furthermore, the standard operating procedure that the software imbibed rightly fits in small & medium-sized specialty hospitals and nursing homes. It can be further enhanced to meet the healthcare standards of EHR, COHSASA, NABH, Safe-I, Medical insurance etc. enabling easy accreditation. Our products are compliant with African insurance billing procedures and Cohsasa. Read about measuring hospital performance

Transparency in operations can be defined as an easily understandable process, accountability, and availability of accurate information required for decision-making. physical distancing monitoring is an important factor to be considered to ensure patient and medical staff safety. The system sets roles and responsibilities for all users and ensures adequate data security.

This combined with easy input options, integration of departments, integration of machines and automated MIS ensures accurate and timely availability of data for African hospitals are encapsulated in our hospital software benefits. Read about hospital software implementation

Support hospital growth strategy
Cost savings, internal efficiency, patient experience

The functions which matter most in these challenging times for hospitals globally. The elderly would dare step out of their houses. Telemedicine technology, although being tried out in many instances has limitations on privacy, security, and personal observation aspects. Read about IT requirements in hospitals.

We have formulated proven models for cost reduction with the help of data collated among 200+ hospitals in multiple geographies. These can be achieved through improvements in nonmedical practices, business process changes, staff efficiency, inventory management, procurement models, workflow monitoring, patient matrices, attendance monitoring, inspections, repairs, and compliance.

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