Vikas 2.0 Hospital Management system on cloud

Specialty Hospital management Software on Cloud

Vikas, Netra Smart hospital management software solutions,- Serving India, Kenya, Cameroon, Zimbabwe. Healthcare products for speciality hospitals, eye clinics & nursing homes

Vikas 2.0 Hospital Management Software on cloud (That is right, your data is never shared with anyone), a rock-solid Hospital software India with an installed base of 200 clients, is best suited multi-location Specialty Hospital Management System on cloud. A centralized and robust outpatient clinic hospital software, integrated queue management, and an inventory management system to ensure you order what is needed. integrated hospital kiosk, WhatsApp messaging for Patient engagement, AI-enabled chatbot, multilingual capabilities, Surgical Workflow Tracking, dedicated account manager, and powerful summary reports on your daily mail using a highly stable Vikas 2.0 hospital ERP software. Read FAQ

We host monthly Webinars,

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  • Pre Registration
  • Front Office
  • Department Billing
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Multi Currency
  • Multilingual
  • Outpatient EMR
  • Insurance Processing
  • Cash Counter
  • MIS Dashboard
  • WhatsApp Integration
  • Scrub & Linen Tracking
  • IPD Management
  • Inpatient EMR
  • Discharge Summary
  • Central Store
  • Patient Tracking
  • Summary Report Mail







Importance of having the best Hospital Management System on cloud


Beds managed


Out patients


Admissions / Day


Patient Discharges




Doctors use Vikas hospital ERP software


Hospital software Deployed on Workstations


Billing Transactions on Vikas Hospital management software


LIMS devices connected to Vikas hospital software

#1 Specialty hospital Management software India

Multi-location, integrated Hospital Management Software on Cloud – SaaS. with versatile electronic medical records & telemedicine software – the next-generation Smart hospital ERP softwarethat delivers hospital process improvements, reduces patient waiting times, enhances the patient experience, and integrates hospital accounting software for financial Control. Read about the benefits of hospital financial management.

Vikas 2.0 – Best Hospital Management System On Cloud

Vikas 2.0 is a highly stable hospital Management system, deployed on a cloud server with selective customization options. A proven enterprise resource planning tool for hospitals, and an efficient deployment and implementation methodology to compute administrative processes and service efficiencies to ensure hospital cost savings in under 180 days. Backed by the best product engineering practices, implementation models, and end-user training methods. Integrated laboratory information system, hospital patient portal, Electronic Medical Records & Realtime asset tracking

St. Anne's Hospital
Bomu Hospital

Improving Patient management In hospitals

  • 30 years of Hospital ERP software expertise
  • Panel of healthcare experts ,doctors and technologists.
  • Hospital management best practices
  • On time delivery and sign-off

Hospital ERP software Installations In India & Africa

  • St’ Annes Zimbabwe
  • Sun Pharma, India
  • Sekar eye hospital, Bengaluru
  • Metas Seventh Day, Surat
  • Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA)
  • Bomu Hospital Kenya

Best Hospital ERP Software Support

  • 97.7% helpdesk support call closure rate in Dec 2022
  • Onsite implementation support engineers
  • Dedicated customer support portal

On time hospital ERP Implementation

  • Quick implementation turnaround
  • LMS structured training methodologies.
  • Service Level Agreements for process compliance
  • Level 2 training for managers

Low Cost Of Ownership with cloud hospital software

  • Online – offline model to support remote clinics with poor / no internet connectivity
  • Built with opensource tools
  • Low on hardware investments
  • No hidden license charges.
  • Guaranteed return on investment cost savings

Strong R&D Team to give regular updates

  • Market driven best practices
  • Secure and reliable architecture.
  • Constant healthcare innovations
  • Patient wait time measurement
  • Surgical workflow tracking

Premium support plans and priority services

  • We assure quick response over the Helpdesk support portal. Emergency contact numbers
  • Maintaining an excellent call closure rate every week during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

NSIC – CRISIL SE3B certified HIS vendor

  • We are constantly evaluated by No. 1 rating agency in India
  • CRISIL Rating indicates strong financial strength and performance capability.

MIS on the hospital’s operational, financial, and people parameters

Private cloud based hospital management system – Monitor your hospital statistics from anywhere, anytime

Inpatient & outpatient care statistics – doctor/ department wise

Department wise operational & performance MIS dashboards

Track patient trends and healthcare delivery patterns within your practice

Real-time cash inflow & outflow summary

2% of total inventory value is saved per year with AI based supply chain optimisation

20% increase in bed occupancy, higher room utilization through faster patient discharges, reducing patient wait time.

Daily 2 hours of administrator time is saved for preparing daily reports and internal communications
Reduction in 1.5% of material procurement cost monthly due to effective order processing system
2 % increase from current earnings as a result of repeat business – through effective advertising and patient engagement mechanisms

Time for payroll preparation has reduced from 4 days to half a day for hospitals in Kenya

2 % savings of yearly inpatient bills through effective hospital insurance tracking

Stationary savings is around $240/month for a medium sized hospital

2.5% of asset value  saved yearly with systematic hospital asset management practices

Outpatient & Inpatient Hospital Management Software on cloud

Automate your clinical workflows – advantages of hospital management system

Single screen patient EMR workup with hospital management system

Consolidated view on the relevant patient statistics

Emergency alerts in case of vital deviations and abnormalities in reports

Doctors can record inpatient findings each day & give online medication orders

View patient Lab results and Radiology reports in one click

Systemized Patient Follow-up alerts to nursing staff as per doctor instructions

Vikas 2.0 Hospital ERP software India with integrated patient portal
Hospital MIS dashboard

Analytic MIS dashboard for clinical and non-clinical decisions

Inpatient & outpatient EMR Systems | Smart Hospital ERP Software
Inpatient Medical records

EMR system Automates the inpatient clinical workflows performed by doctors and nursing staff

Telemedicine Services | Smart Hospital ERP Software

An online consultation system more convenient to patients and healthcare providers

Smart Hospital ERP Software with Social Distancing & Hygiene Monitoring
Patient engagement

Post treatment advice & communications using the hospital portal.

Hospital Management Software on cloud with Patient Portal

Vikas 2.0 specialty hospital management software on cloud IndiaEnhancing Patient Engagement. hospital Self-service modules to optimize back office resources, and reduce the workload of your front office operations. Laboratory results online, book appointments, schedule tests, and payments online using the best hospital management system on cloud. Read about the benefits  of Vikas 2.0 Cloud HMS

Online doctor appointment with smart hospital management software on cloud

Online Treatment & Discharge summary reports in hospital management system

Admin dashboard for background data administration, monitoring portal visits and transactions

Vikas 2.0 Hospital Management Software on cloud

A smart hospital management system with patient experience management solutions. Gain a competitive advantage in a fast-changing healthcare scenario.  Our product management team knows best how to develop a hospital management system

ERP solutions for charity healthcare organisations in Africa
Compliance Standards

Hospital ERP software with Compliance with international and regional healthcare standards HL7, ISO, ICD-10, Cohsasa standards for Africa

Africa healthcare week, Hospital e-commerce, Social distancing software for hospitals In Italy, South Africa, Canada, California, Australia
Multi device accessibility

Online, offline, desktop, browser and handheld devices

Wellness clinic Management software

Vikas 2.0 cloud software for wellness clinic IndiaA smart clinic management software for India & Africa, to enable next-generation digital healthcare services for the new normal, Electronic Medical records, Hospital MIS, Patient self service & telehealth systems. An apt software for wellness clinics

Vikas 2.0 - Specialty Hospital Management software for Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Botswana,Kenya, Ghana, Malawi

Hospital Management System for Africa  Has Features Specific To The Charity And Financial Statutory Needs Of The Africa Region. Besides The Need To Capture Information Related To Insurance, HIV, Etc. Hospital ERP installations in Kenya, Somalia, Malawi, Cameroon & Botswana

Data integration with the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), Kenya
Automatic doctor share calculations based on each service
Centralized purchase and stock management system and automatic medicine selling rate calculation
Customized finance module and integration with Tally & Sage
Automatic BMI index calculation based on African health parameters
Comprehensive Care Clinic (CCC) module to manage HIV patients
Government and private insurance scheme management with copayment provisions

Benefits of Vikas 2.0 hospital management system on cloud

The benefits of deploying Vikas Hospital Management Software are many. They include complete integration, improved process flow, enhanced patient experience, fully paperless operations, and improved healthcare workflow

Best Hospital ERP software for

Hospital management system on cloud with telemedicine module

Smart hospital management system Involves tried and tested Technologies In Order To Make The Treatment Effective For Patients. One Of These Ways Is Online consultation In Hospitals.

Online Doctor appointments

Online initial assessment entry and document uploads

Integrated with hospital EMR

Online Lab results & Pharmacy prescriptions

Doctor –patient interactions through Video conferencing and chat bots

Digitally signed online prescriptions to patients

Specialty Hospital management system on cloud

Ensure Patient Safety, monitor patient wait times, enhancing Patient Experience , and security. Measuring shop floor matrices to improve patient workflow, staff productivity, inspections, repair & maintenance & regulatory compliances. Hospital management software Africa