Vikas 2.0 - Cloud HMS, patient login online hospital software

Vikas 2.0, Cloud Hospital management software in India

Cloud hospital management software India

Guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI) is the major advantage of using our hospital management solution. With proper usage of cloud hospital management software systems, return on investment can be achieved in less than 6 months. This ensures the optimization of processes, bringing control of patient workflow matrices, administrative procedures & overall cost reduction. Our integrated modules enhance operational efficiency; provide single-window hospital MIS reports and data analytics for unparalleled control over financial transactions.

Vikas 2.0 lite edition is a full-fledged Cloud HMS for clinics, Cloud Hospital management software systems from Software Associates, among the leading healthcare IT solutions available today for Christian Mission, charities, cooperatives, nursing homes, and chain of clinics in India to manage growth, and reduce costs, optimize processes, improve patient satisfaction and statutory compliance. Vikas 2.0 lite helps hospitals bring differentiation between inpatient experience and safety.

Our fully Cloud HMS and Netra software provide industry-standard help desk response, technical support, and unique quality of service guarantee policy as well.

Hospital ERP Systems Implementation

The renowned online ERP implementation team of Software Associates brings expertise in 300 + successful installations across 18 states in India. This strong team holds a record for on-time delivery within the budget and guarantees all our customers the same. The right implementation process developed by Software Associates IT Pvt ltd uses a dynamic assessment framework that provides a structured approach to assess your hospital performance, understand the functional gap and determine the solution that will fit your organization better. Once the right solution is selected the implementation team follows a step-by-step process for the successful delivery of the solution.

Our Cloud hospital management software in India allows doctor-owned clinics, Christian mission, and charity hospital owners to enforce Management Control Systems for ease of administration, adherence to ethics, cultural fit, and drawing well-defined boundaries to empower employees to provide the best patient experience, reducing waiting times – the reason why our list of hospital clients are growing every year.

Superlative Help desk and support

We have been clocking 97.6 % call closures during the OND 2023 quarter. Hurray !!

Software Associates are known for reliability and offer all their customers lifetime support for Hospital ERP. Our customer support division houses dedicated engineers who are ready 24/7 to answer your queries and assist you to solve any technical issues. Our support assistance includes an Online support request system, Teamviewer-based remote support (IST / East Africa), 24 x 7 emergency mobile help desk numbers, 12-hour call escalation, 24-hour call escalation, Telephonic, E.mail, Broadband, and Onsite.

We go a step further to ensure our customers’ satisfaction to make ourselves accountable for our services. The service level agreements by Software Associates guarantee service to all our customers.

Product & Hospital Process Innovation

We understand that our customers are constantly facing challenges due to changing patient markets, experience expectations, government policies, and competition. Hospitals these days are forced to innovate, improve efficiency, and better their services to stay afloat in the market. With Software Associates you have a long-term association with the right technology partner who constantly thrives to bring in advancements in hospital information technology such as patient workflow, social distancing, asset tracking workgroup monitoring, Indoor Air quality monitoring

What we bring to you

Trust: 300+ chains of clinics, family-owned hospitals use our ERP software solution since 1991 (India, Kenya, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Maldives & Zambia)

Futuristic: Environment monitoring, indoor asset tracking & patient workflow matrices

Growth: Transforms your departments to profit centers and lowers costs.

Faster Delivery: Phased implementation approach and structured training make delivery fast and on time.

Low Cost of Ownership: Runs on power-saving devices and is built with open-source tools.

Compatibility: Supports Cloud, cross-platform Ubuntu Linux, and Windows 2016 server onwards.

Scalability: Robust architecture to support hospital utility – beds and satellite centers.

Efficiency: Low maintenance and power consumption using Linux / VXL thin client terminal.

Flexibility: Provides flexibility in configuration and operational levels.

Aligned: Regular product updates to sync industry best practices.

Lightweight: Use of standard broadband services for satellite and remote connectivity.

Guaranteed Service: Service Level Agreements for process compliance, Online self-service requests, and chat portal, ZERO downtime / 24 x 7 business continuity guarantee.

Superlative Support: Lifetime support is provided through the support portal, telephone, e-mail, and permission-based remote login support. (Covid19 helpdesk update)

Performance: Self-tuning and diagnostic techniques, to ensure round-the-clock operations, Automated testing tools, and methodologies to warrant zero defects.

Usability: User-friendly interface makes ordinary people manage the software and IT infrastructure. Increases staff efficiency and saves time on OP registration.

Stability: High volume transaction of the largest recorded outpatient visit is 1300, Open-source relational database (1+ Terabyte / 3000 concurrent users), a technology capable of supporting up to 300 workstations, and users.

Mobility: EMR software compatible with handheld devices.

Ready to Use: The tried and tested modules can be integrated within 30 days of making the ERP ready to use.

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