Managing your hospital finance

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Managing your hospital finance

The majority of the mid-sized and large hospitals end up paying some form of penalty every year. You can now easily bring complete control and transparency into your hospital finance management by integrating all aspects of income and expenditure.

Hospital finance management 

Hospital finance management discipline is key to the success of any hospital – be it corporate, doctor or family-owned.  The tightening of various revenue streams by the regulatory bodies has resulted in stiff penalties for untimely payment of taxes and levies. We provide the best integration with leading finance packages such as Sage, Tally, etc

Benefits of a well-maintained hospital finance system
  • Compliant with all financial statutory needs of the hospital
  • Easy management of accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchases, sales
  • Automatic account posting from all departments to reduce the workload
  • Monthly monitoring of department and doctor profitability
  • Instant supplier bills outstanding statement
  • Transaction locking to secure balances
  • Direct consolidation of account balances from all modules
  • Online bills tracking for debtors and creditors
  • Multiple books of accounts for cash, cheque, and credit
  • Linking with Medical Records Management for activity-based costing
  • Fixed asset management tracking & monitoring
  • Online payment gateway integration for patient portal