Hospital fixed asset management

Vikas RFID solutions - hospital fixed asset management, tracking solutions
Hospital asset inventory management

The hospital fixed asset management, maintenance module of hospital management system integrates with tracking devices to provide indoor location tracking and analyzing capabilities for all expensive assets & equipment of your organization to improve accountability and reduce theft and abuse.

Hospital asset tracking

For small and large hospitals in developing counties, knowing where its medical assets are is essential for business operations. Having visibility to the location of an asset can be simplified with low cost Bluetooth Low Energy / RFID technology. Beyond the tracking, a solidified management of fixed assets can be achieved including asset repair/ maintenance and asset utilization using easy to deploy RFID solutions.

Hospital Fixed asset management

90% of hospitals in developing nations lack a proper mechanism to track fixed assets such as ultrasound machines, portable medical devices, aircon, and laboratory equipment. This results in poor equipment maintenance, frequent breakdowns, patient dissatisfaction, out-of-warranty claims, and lapse of breakdown insurance policies.

  • No more worries about missing out on insurance policies or warranty renewals.
  • Reduces time and cost in maintenance of hospital equipment
  • Low powered equipment tracking sensors for hospital assets
  • Enable Activity Based Costing based on department usage
  • Remotely access information of assets at various locations
  • Data hosted on the cloud for software integration
  • Inventory management as part of laboratory information system
  • Log data using access points in stores and operation theater
  • Prevent theft and unauthorized use of hospital medical equipment
  • Logging medical equipment which is taken out for repairs & maintenance
  • Climate control in the laboratory, stores, and operation theater
  • Stock control of expensive inventory items
  • Improves control of planning and replacement costs
  • Monitors Annual Maintenance Contracts and Warranty of assets
  • Improves efficiency by automatically calculating the depreciation of each asset
  • Track the usage environment when equipment is taken out for medical camps
  • Facilitates easy tracking of locations of equipment
  • Tracking breakdown and repair history using hospital indoor positioning systems
  • Easy monitoring of insurance and premium details of an asset
  • Maintenance of manufacturer and supplier details
  • Take a disciplined approach toward Preventive Maintenance tracking
  • Communication protocols according to European standards
  • Asset tracking software in Healthcare asset management
  • Hospital asset tracking in medical equipment management
  • Asset inventory management & asset audit trails
  • Equipment maintenance, Asset lifecycle & Equipment replacement planning

We integrate Asset tracking in hospitals, data analytics, and dashboard software to provide you with real-time information on fixed assets – location, condition, and operating environment within your hospital premises or satellite clinics. The solution model works independently or as a connected platform with any HIS / HMS software.