MIS dashboard for accurate hospital information

Vikas - AI / ML assisted hospital information Prediction of outpatient flow in hospitals. Hospital MIS dashboard module, MIS for hospitals India

Hospital MIS and predictions

Our AI / ML assisted hospital information dashboard module gives predictions with 90% accuracy on outpatient flow, pharmacy consumption, outpatient to inpatient ratio, etc, enabling new operational insights, critical for improving patient experience in real-time, hospital MIS reports anywhere, anytime. Empower hospital administrators and owners with the right inputs to make informed decisions, lower costs, discover revenue streams, and raise the competitive advantage of the hospital.

Hospital software with AI & ML to enhance patient experience

An AI / ML-driven platform Independent hospital management information system that works on all smart devices at any location. The hospital MIS dashboard reporting module works on MacBook, Linux, and Windows devices. Vikas hospital management system software supports popular web browsers and allows users to analyze and report data.

MIS dashboard in hospitals & predictions for outpatient flow, pharmacy

  • Predict future out-patient flow, out-patient to inpatient conversions, admissions, pharmacy collection, out-patient to department contribution, and other parameters using AI assisted algorithm.
  • Easy, fast operation & professional data visualization helps to Improve decision-making in hospitals.
  • Comparison charts give growth information related to patient inflow, revenues & expenses.
  • Gives real-time hospital employee attendance marking integrated with punching system.
  • Hospital MIS dashboard with income & expense status, and comparisons for quick understanding.
  • The doctor dashboard gives information on their patients, revenue, expenses, length of stay, etc.
  • Capability to provide multiple locations (branches) information, and comparisons in simple methods.
  • Insurance and creditors company status is available at the click of a button
  • Improve in insurance payment processing by using pending days and outstanding figures for managers.
  • The expense details dashboard gives all the outflows related to running a hospital.
  • Analyze margin contribution from various suppliers for a given financial year for improving decisions related to hospital pharmacy & store. department purchases.
  • Ability to anytime switch the view of different departments & branch performance, for a given duration
  • Assets and related department-wise profitability for a given time duration.

Hospital management MIS dashboard module & key features

–    Easily create hospital MIS reports
–    Analyze data using drag & drop features
–    Apply powerful filters & functions
–    Share MIS Reports with your team members
–    Supports off-line, remote, or cloud MIS for hospitals
–    Monitor information in real-time
–    Web secure and GDPR compliant MIS for hospitals
–    Rapid deployment and integration with ERP for hospitals

AL / ML enabled hospital MIS dashboard & benefits of hospital management

Call us to know more about hospital management software demo, and implementation plans, and understand the benefits of a hospital MIS dashboard with AI-assisted predictions of outpatient flow, pharmacy, and stores medicine consumption hospitals using our interactive module to assist you with informed decision-making.

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