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Hospital software report formats

Importance of hospital software reports. Vikas 2.0 and Netra 2.0 hospital software reports are ready to deploy, cloud-enabled solutions for ophthalmology, orthopedics, and general hospital management software. Easy to use and maintain comprehensive training and help desk, regular software updates, and onsite and online training programs assisted by experts in the healthcare industry.

Hospital information system, hospital software mis report format

Access your Hospital Management Software  (Hospital software reports & formats on the move, wherever you are, using iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile devices. The browser-based reporting tool is bundled with our Hospital EMR software to access concise information when needed – weekly meetings, and board meeting report format with short turnaround times.

Hospital Front Office

Appointment details of consultants

Patient care

Admission Register
Admission Register (MLC)
Admission Register 1
Admission-Discharge-Bill Register
Advance In-Hand(Ip)
Advance In-Hand(Op)
Advance Register (Op)
Advance Register(Ip)
Advance Repayment Register(Ip)
Advance Repayment Register(Op)
Area Wise Patients
Current occupancy List
Date-Wise Room Shifting
Death Register
Discharge Register
Doctor Wise Op Collection
Doctor-Wise Admission Register
Doctor-Wise Booking Collection
Doctor-Wise Booking Details
Doctor-Wise Current Occupancy
Doctor-Wise Discharge Register
Doctor-Wise In-Patient Census
Doctor-Wise Op Registration(Detailed)
Doctor-Wise Op Registration(Summary)
Doctor-Wise Patients
Doctors Ip Collection
Doctors Ip Collection Summary
Doctors Op – Ip Collection
Doctors Op Collection
New Born Babies List
Occupancy List(Doctor -Wise)
Occupancy List(Name -Wise)
Occupancy List(Room -Wise)
Patient-Wise Ip Credits
Ward-Wise In-Patient Census

Laboratory reports

Category-Wise Test Register
Service Items Price List

Finance (Tally bridging)

Balance Sheet
Bank Book
Bank Reconciliation
Cash Book
Cash Flow
Cost Center Analysis
Creditors Aging
Day Book
Monthly Profit & Loss Report
Profit And Loss
Receipts And Payments
Register Printing
Trial Balance
Bank Statement
Budget variance report


Central Cash

Cashier Collection Detailed
Cashier Collection Summary
Cashier-Shift Details

Hospital admin

System Audit log

Hospital MIS reports

Bill type-Wise Collection Analysis
Doctor-Wise Bills Analysis
Doctor-Wise Ip Patients Analysis
Doctors Op Collection Analysis
Ip Status Report
Ip Status Report date Wise
Item-Wise Collection Analysis
Op Comparison Report

Department Billing

Bill To Bill Register
Bill Type-Wise Ip Credit
Bill type Wise Day Collection
Block- Wise Vacant Rooms
Canceled Bills Report
Cashier Collection Details
Cashier Collection Summary
Cashier-Shift Details
Collection Summary(Running Shift)
Credit Sales Return Report
Date Wise Bill Details
Date Wise Suspense Collection
Date Wise Suspense Out Standing
Date-Wise Sales Returns
Date-Wise Telephone Calls
Detailed Bill Register
Doctor Fee Report(Summary)
Doctor Wise Bills Detailed
Group-Wise Report(All Groups)
Item-Wise Collection(Detailed)
Item-Wise Collection(Summary)
Net Realization Report
Patient Debit Discount Register
Sales Day Book


Central Store & Pharmacy

Category Wise Item And Sub Item List
Category Wise Purchase
Category-Wise Bills
Category-Wise Stock Listing
Chemical-Composition Wise Item Listing
Company Wise Purchase
Company-Wise Bills
Company-Wise Stock Listing
Doctor Wise Item Listing
Doctor-Wise Bills(Detailed)
Inventory velocity
Group Wise Category Purchase
Group-Wise Service Listing
Item Ledger
Items At Re-Order Level
Non-Moving Items Doctor-Wise
Non-Moving Items
Outlet-Wise Consumables Issues(Items)
Outlet-Wise Re-Order Level
Outlet-Wise Stock Listing
Outlet-Wise Stock Transfer(Detailed)
Pending Packing Slip Report
Previous Day Stock Report
Product-Wise Bills Summary
Purchase Day Book(Invoice Date)
Purchase Day Book(Purchase Date)
Purchase Return Register
Supplier Wise Invoice Listing
Supplier-Wise Expiry Report
Supplier-Wise Stock Listing

Operation Theater

Date-Wise Surgery List
Doctor – Wise Surgery Schedule
Doctor – Wise Surgery Summary
Surgeon Wise Surgery List
Surgery List As On Date
Theater – Wise Surgery List

Assets & Maintenance

AMC Expiry Reports
Asset Amc Master Listing
Asset location
Asset movement History
Asset Insurance
Asset failure index
Asset Service Charge
Asset Location Transfer
Date Wise Contracts
Date Wise Contracts Detailed
Date Wise Purchase Asset
Depreciation Fixed
Expired Amc
Expired Insurance
Expired Parts
Expired Service Charge
Insurance Expiry Report
Location Wise Asset
Manufacturer Wise Asset
Name Wise Asset
Supplier Wise Asset
Doctors Op Collection Analysis
Ip Status Report
Ip Status Report date Wise
Item-Wise Collection Analysis
Op Comparison Report

Hospital information system reports are hosted on cloud / internal servers running on Ubuntu / CentOS flavors of cloud hosting. The hospital management software can be customized according to the needs of every organization. online consulting software mis report format and Electronic Medical Records are bundled in our offering for hospitals in Botsways, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Cameroon, Maldives, and India.