How to Improve hospital Inpatient revenue

Improving hospital inpatient revenue, the billing process

Vikas Hospital inpatient revenue optimisation software

Hospital Inpatient revenue constitutes a chunk of hospital income. However, due to a lack of financial discipline and control structures, it is often found that revenue leakage happens in all connecting departments such as laboratory, finance, pharmacy, scan, etc. That besides, inefficient processes of inpatient discharge relate to poor utilization of in-patient room facilities, be it general ward or special rooms. Hospital ERP software now provides you with level 2 implementation and training services to plug inpatient revenue loopholes and leakages in the system.

  • Improve hospital inpatient revenue management
  • Closely monitor parameters critical to hospital in-patient services
  • Define matrices to monitor patient discharge procedures
  • Introduce transparency in billing payment collection
Benefits of hospital inpatient revenue implementation services
  • Improved communication and coordination between various departments.
  • Training on hospital policies regarding in-patient management
  • Inpatient case sheets & discharge summary report management
  • Proper accountability for in-patient return of medicines
  • Timely update of charges related to in-patient services
  • Formulate standardized procedures for in-patient advance collection
  • Timely follow up for discharged patients’ outstanding bills
  • Imparting adequate knowledge to prepare discharge bills
  • Improved communication between wards and front office on patient discharge
  • Stock inventory control at nursing stations

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