Hospital insurance blockchain

Blockchain & insurance integration

Deep learning hospital information system with Blockchain, Anomaly detection

The advent of Blockchain, machine & deep learning and anomaly detection technologies are changing the decision-making process in hospitals – be it financial or medical aspects or maintenance aspects. Traditional MIS systems helped decision-makers in improved knowledge on operational aspects – allowing them to make necessary changes in departmental areas.

Blockchain for insurance processing

We work with third-party, blockchain-enabled systems that will cut the processing time of medical insurance, thereby improving the cash flow by a magnitude of 50%.

Matrices for hospitals to implement deep learning
  • Bed size to turnover ratio
  • Outpatient to inpatient conversion
  • Hospital department % collection
  • Outpatient wallet share
  • In-patient revenue contribution
  • Hospital pharmacy stock velocity
  • Outpatient consulting wait time
  • Inpatient discharge wait time

These deep learning-driven insights have been a boon and motivation for hospital managers and doctor owners. Our Voice of customer exercise gives the feedback on the quality of our products and hospital management services provided us with valuable inputs in engineering software versions and technologies such as patient tracking, patient portal, machine learning, hospital equipment monitoring etc and understanding in-depth, the real business pain points of doctor owners and hospital owners.

Vikas Hospital ERP software is among the largest installed packaged hospital management software in India – 200+ clients across 18 states in India. 

Hospital Asset monitoring & tracking

Medical equipment monitoring using a combination of IOT sensors, predictive modelling would ensure greater uptime for high-value medical equipment. Our machine learning models would allow the hospitals to have early information about possible failures, especially operation theatre hygiene, critical equipment, etc – huge savings on patient safety, experience, satisfaction and avoiding revenue loss.

Preventive Maintenance for hospitals

Long-term benefits of a hospital preventive maintenance  Improved system reliability. Decreased cost of replacement. Decreased system downtime. Better spares inventory management Detect anomaly of motors,

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