TPA health insurance processing module

Vikas ERP for hospitals - hospital insurance software - faster claims processing, easier settlement
TPA health insurance processing software to reduce claims cycle

Vikas hospital insurance software facilitates the bill of virtually each and every type of health insurance in a timely and accurate manner. We help medium-sized hospitals equip themselves to process insurance claims on time, which improves cash flow in the hospital. Our clients have saved crores of rupees through improved medical claims management.

Compliance with the Insurance Regulatory Development Agency (IDRA) / TPA norms resulted in increased paperwork and approval process resulting in delayed claim settlement for patients and hospitals using true claim and other third-party solutions.

Hospital Insurance software – improve medical claims 

The TPA / GIPSA-enabled insurance system offers financial protection against most health-related expenses. In general, health insurance varies in a wide range and provides coverage for required medical treatments, hospital visits, and other additional medical costs. Reduces claim settlement time and improves cash flow

  • Enables to process insurance claim forms depending on the approval authority
  • Facilitates billing of every type of insurance in a timely and accurate manner
  • Track insurance claims across providers (TPA)
  • Issue a new insurance policy to patients
  • Integrated with Trueclaim insurance settlement system
  • View the status of pending insurance claims
  • Follow up the system to track long-pending claims
  • Integrated into the central billing system to reduce errors
  • Disallowed services and product alert for billing clerk
  • Management of multi insurance provider tariffs
  • Issue medical claims, and insurance policies to patients and view associated bills of patients