Hospital lab software (LIMS integration)

Vikas 2.0 hospital Lab management software India
What is laboratory management software?

LIMS lab integration for patient safety, convenience.

Hospital lab software for laboratory reports with online results. With the growing risk associated with medico-legal cases, the need to provide timely, and accurate laboratory results have put pressure on specialty hospitals to introduce scientific methods to collect specimens and patient information. Hospitals aspiring NABH / Safe-I accreditation will find the features helpful for patient convenience & safety compliance.

Hospital online lab integration software

Which software is used in the laboratory? Our hospital lab software handles billing, scheduling, reporting, and reagent inventory management. Interfaces directly with industry-standard ASTM / LIMS integration with hospital auto analyzers modules of the hospital  ERP software. The hospital laboratory software ensures optimal usage, lowers costs, improves the operating environment, access to online laboratory test results, and utilization of high-value laboratory assets.

  • Considerable reduction in kit and reagent wastage
  • Provide online access to online pathology test results using the patient portal
  • Integrated with outpatient consulting and inpatient billing
  • Define the duration for different tests and procedures to eliminate the wait period
  • Schedule services according to priority
  • The work schedule for hospital lab tests
  • Integration with patient consulting and ward billing
  • Purchase orders for internal consumption
  • Third-party tests for services that are done by external agencies

Hospital lab integration software improves productivity, safety & compliance

  • Sampling and reporting using auto analyzer interfacing (ASTM / LIMS in hospital)
  • Hospital laboratory software module costing system (ABC)
  • Laboratory equipment utilization and working tracking module
  • Tagging of tests with equipment to ascertain usage
  • People productivity improvement matrices using LIMS software
  • Provision for third-party labs to interact with the system
  • Patient workflow & wait time matrices for LIMS laboratory module
  • Monitoring of lab temperature, humidity, indoor air quality, and CO2 levels
  • Managing hospital laboratory floor plan and crowd control
  • Laboratory department profit and loss statement
  • Clinical Laboratory Automation with zero errors

Hospital laboratory information management systems with clinical laboratory automation

Lab software free download versions do not provide online results or product updates. The Vikas 2.0 medical lab software is fully integrated with auto analyzer machines (LIMS integration)  to help reduce manual work in the laboratory department. The solutions also integrate with the hospital portal solution so that patients can assess laboratory results online with the help of a password (OTP).