Netra 2.0 Eye hospital management software India

Vikas 2.0 Specialty hospital management software

Netra 2.0 lite. Ophthalmology EMR software India. Frequently asked questions

Vikas 2.0 lite Cloud clinic management software, Frequently Asked Questions

Hospital Management Software – FAQ

FAQ – Hospital Management Software, Frequently Asked Questions for prospective buyers of Vikas 2.0 and Netra 2.0

Q. Who owns the hospital management system solutions Vikas 2.x and Netra 2.x

A. Both the solutions are owned by Software Associates, a company established in the year 1991, driven by ethics and integrity, to provide robust and reliable software products for the healthcare industry. Ready-to-use solutions that derive economic benefits, a promise of superlative support, flexibility, and a range of modules to choose from.

Q. What are the benefits of using Vikas and Netra’s range of solutions

A. There are economic and operational benefits of using a hospital management system. Our new-generation solutions are focused on improving patient experience and safety through digital transformation.

Netra 2.0 Eye hospital management software

Q. How many eye hospitals and clinics use Netra 2.0 eye hospital management software

A. We have a client base of 100 deployments in India (15 states) and Africa (Cameroon, Rwanda) regions

Vikas 2.0 Specialty hospital management software

Q. How many hospitals use Vikas 2.0 specialty hospital management software

A. We have deployments that are as old as our organization, with different versions running in India, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Maldives, Sudan, Botswana, and a few other countries, handholding 150+ enterprises

General FAQ on Hospital management software

Q. Who is the cloud hosting provider for Vikas 2.0 and Netra 2.0

A. Our cloud hospital software solutions are hosted on E2Enetworks, a leading hyperscaler from India with a focus on advanced Cloud GPU infrastructure, listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Q. What about upgrades for Netra 2.0 and Vikas 2.0

A. We provide regular updates on a half-yearly basis and on a need basis where there are regulatory requirements.

Q. What about the support and Helpdesk operations

A. We work all around the year to provide excellent support to our client base. The average call closure rate is between 92% to 97% depending on client availability and the complexity of the call request.

Q. Do you have a support CRM to manage us

A. Yes, all our service requests are logged through our Helpdesk ZoHo CRM

Q. I want my hospital/clinic data to be secure and private.

A. All our cloud solutions use dedicated databases to ensure that your business information cannot be accessed by other organizations

Q. We run a multi-location hospital chain with a cluster of clinics.

A. All our solutions are engineered for multi-location clinics for transfer of inventory, access to patient information

Q. Is it possible for us to have a dedicated cloud infrastructure to run solutions that are exclusively for us

A. We do have dedicated hosting plans for Vikas 2.0 and Netra 2.0

Q. We want to use WhatsApp technology to communicate with our patients and stakeholders.

A. Yes, both our solutions have WhatsApp integration available as add-on modules

Q. We want to track outpatients to know the efficiency of departments.

A. We have solutions that can track patients, the movement of outpatients and inpatients in surgical wards

Q. Facilities management is a weak area for our large establishment.

A. Vikas and Netra Solutions provide add-ons for facilities management to keep track of housekeeping, repairs, and asset tracking

Q. We run small clinics and would like to have a small edition of the cloud hospital software

A. We have Netra 2.0-Lite and Vikas 2.0-Lite editions, specifically built for small hospitals and chain of clinics

Q. Are free trials a part of the packages you offer

A. There is a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back policy for all our products.

Q. What are the security features of Vikas 2-0 and Netra 2-0

A. There is a password-protected login authentication for all users, The users can be restricted to use module features based on their seniority and access rights. The cloud solution has security keys and firewalls implemented.

A. Does implementing the software upgrades require any downtime

A, Software upgrades are done automatically during nonworking hours and there will be no disruption to your operations. Here are some tips on how to effectively use hospital ERP system.

Q. Can I get customized hospital dashboards with the software

A. The MIS dashboard has a widget function which helps to customize them according to user needs

Q. Does your software support the migration of old data from our existing legacy software

A. All our solutions allow the importing of existing data, provided they are available in Excel format. There are some exceptions, where nonstandard information might not be imported

Q. Do you provide Real-time location tracking for outpatient departments

A. We provide wireless RTLS for hospitals, which enabled outpatient wait time monitoring, asset tracking and staff tracking.

Q. Our needs are specific to the African region, how does your solution handle them

A. Africa-specific versions of Vikas and Netra are available

Q. Do you provide on-premise solutions

A. We have Vikas 1.0 and Netra 1.0 desktop editions with multi-location capabilities that are locally hosted on servers

Q. Do you offer customized solutions on the cloud

A. We do have service models where customization is offered with the help of a dedicated team of account managers, full-stack developers, and quality assurance engineers.

Q. Do you provide the source code of your solutions

A. We do not provide source code for any of our solutions, as they are the intellectual property of Software Associates Information Technologies Private Limited, and registered under the Indian copyrights act.

Netra 2.0 eye hospital management software FAQ

Q. How can Netra 2.0 improve the overall efficiency of the hospital?
A. Netra 2.0 can improve efficiency by automating administrative tasks, reducing paperwork, providing easy access to patient records, streamlining billing processes, and optimizing resource allocation.
Q. How does  Netra 2.0 handle billing and insurance claims?
A. Netra 2.x  typically includes billing and insurance claim processing features, making it easier to generate invoices, manage payments, and submit insurance claims, thus simplifying revenue cycle management.
Q. Is training required to use  Netra 2. x  ?
A. Yes, training is usually required to effectively use Netra 2.x Vendors often provide training sessions to help staff learn how to use the software efficiently and maximize its benefits.
Q. Can I access the Netra 2.x on mobile devices?
A. Yes, Netra 2.x  solutions offer web-based and mobile access, allowing you to manage hospital operations remotely or on the go, which can be convenient for healthcare professionals.
Q. Can the  Netra 2.x help with inventory management of eye-specific equipment and supplies?
A. Yes, Netra 2.x includes inventory management features that are tailored to the needs of eye hospitals, helping manage ophthalmic equipment and supplies effectively.
Q. How does the Netra 2.x handle patient records and compliance with data privacy laws?
A. The  Netra 2 has robust security measures and audit trails to protect patient records. Ensure that it complies with relevant data privacy regulations and can restrict access to authorized personnel.
Q. Can the  Netra 2.x  integrate with Optometry diagnostic equipment and image management systems?
A . Netra 2.x offers integration capabilities to connect with  AR/NCT Machines and other healthcare machines, PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), improving interoperability and data exchange.
Q. Can the  Netra 2.x assist with appointment reminders and patient communication?
A. Yes, Automated appointment reminders and patient communication features can enhance the patient experience.
Q. Does the Netra 2.x offer data analytics for improving hospital operations and patient care?
A. Netra 2.x provides MIS Dashboards, Advanced data analytics can provide insights into patient outcomes and hospital efficiency.
Q. How do you control Inventory and expiry dates in Netra 2.x?
A. In Netra 2.x we have MIS dashboard for prediction, an Inventory Dashboard, and an expiry date alert system, So in the MIS prediction dashboard we can easily analyze the future of the purchase and In the Inventory dashboard, we can easily identify the low stock items, fastmoving items and with the expiry date alerts we can easily control the inventory.

Vikas 2.0 Speciality Hospital Management System

Q. Why should I choose your Vikas2.x on the cloud?

A. Our Healthcare ERP Software is a proven solution that has been tailored to meet the specific needs of healthcare facilities. It streamlines operations, enhances patient care, and ensures regulatory compliance.

Q. Why is Vikas 2.x offered on the cloud

A. Cloud solutions will considerably lower the cost of ownership and maintenance with the pay-as-you-go model. Besides the limited need for extra software licenses for desktops and servers, their related annual maintenance overheads and upgrades.

Q. How can your Vikas 2.x improve the efficiency of our healthcare facility? – 

A. Our ERP software automates tasks, centralizes data, and enhances communication among staff, reducing administrative burden,  and improving patient care. 

Q. What benefits can I expect from using your Vikas 2.x ? –

A. By using our software, you can expect benefits such as increased efficiency, reduced errors, improved patient outcomes, and simplified compliance with healthcare regulations.

Q. Can you provide examples of successful implementations in other healthcare facilities?

A. We have successfully implemented our software in numerous healthcare facilities. for real-world examples of how our solution has made a positive impact, go get in touch with our pre-sales team.

Q. Do you offer ongoing support and training for our front office staff where there is a high turnover? 

A. Yes, we provide comprehensive training and ongoing technical support to ensure your staff can effectively use and maximize the benefits of our software. 

Q. What is the return on investment (ROI) for your Vikas 2.x? –

A. The ROI of our software varies depending on your healthcare facility’s size and specific needs. Our solution is designed to help you reduce costs and increase revenue while improving patient care. 

Q. What sets your Vikas 2.x apart from competitors? –

A. Our software is highly customizable, offers a user-friendly interface, provides comprehensive features, and is backed by a responsive support team with extensive experience in healthcare IT. 

Q. What are the key features of your Vikas 2.x ? 

A. Vikas 2.x offers features such as patient records management, billing and invoicing, appointment scheduling, inventory management, electronic health records (EHR), and reporting and analytics. 

Q. What types of healthcare facilities can benefit from your Vikas 2.x ? 

A. Vikas 2.x is suitable for a wide range of healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and medical centers. Conclusion: We are committed to providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions. 

Vikas 2.x is designed to enhance the efficiency, quality, and compliance of your healthcare facility. If you have more questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you build confidence in our hospital management software solutions.