Integrated Hospital Management System modules

SA-Vikas - hospital management ERP software modulesThe smart hospital management ERP software comprises 20+ tightly integrated modules to manage daily operations.

Central to our ERP offering is Digital transformation. Electronic Medical Records, hospital workflow, patient experience management, and Inventory control modules, all of which share and receive information from dependent departments, to help smoothen communication, coordination, process efficiency, improve patient safety & staff productivity. This enhances the patient’s atisfaction, eliminating duplication of work, and ensuring data security & integrity.

This complexity of module integration is much needed to introduce management control systems in your multi-location specialty hospital, enabling ease of statutory audits, improved accountability, greater transparency, and provides no loopholes for fraudsters. Read about the benefits of hospital ERP software.

Our smartly engineered, ready-to-deploy hospital ERP software solutions suit the needs of mid-sized and multi-location specialty hospitals, considering the health care industry trends perspective to meet the scope and scale of your needs to achieve patient safety, experience and satisfaction.

Guaranteed to protect your investment through a proactive product feature road map (Telemedicine, Digital health, patient portal, hospital workflow, Indoor positioning, Repair & preventive maintenance tracking, Cold chain monitoring, etc) and software technology updates. We deploy best-in-class, the lowest total cost of ownership technologies to build our robust, integrated smart hospital software products.

Vikas ERP for hospitals - Core Modules & Add-ons

Netra Eye hospital software - Core Modules & Add-ons