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Cloud based hospital management system

Hospital ERP Kenya. Software Associates has 20 years of presence in the African health care industry providing hospital management Kenya to major hospitals and clinics in Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Rwanda, Tanzania, etc.

Hospital Management System Kenya, East Africa region

Vikas 2.0 cloud-based Hospital Management System is carefully crafted to meet the operational challenges of 250 -500-bed hospitals and a chain of clinics in the Kenya region. The hospital software is compliant with standards like ISO, ICD 10, and  National Health Insurance schemes. The centralized hospital software solution is being used by Bomu Hospital Mombasa for years successfully. Our implementation engineers ensure flawless deployment of the solution and thorough training to the users for optimum utilization, backed by excellent helpdesk and technical support. The Hospital ERP software Kenya edition has cost savings guarantee payback of under 6 months.

Cloud based hospital management system Kenya with a dedicated server

The aptly selected and advanced features of the hospital ERP Kenya help to bring process, and transparency and provide the management with actionable insights for running the hospital profitablyVikas hospital software architecture easily supports multi-location operations to help hospital management have complete control over inventory, equipment utilization, staff tracking in hospitals, audit controls, early detection of financial frauds, and data analytics. With Software Associates you have the right technology partner for meeting the current and future growth plans.

Features of Hospital Management System Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Rwanda, Cameroon, Zambia, Sudan, and Uganda.

Front OfficePatient CareOP Consulting
Easy and fast patient information
Improved identification and eligibility confirmation
Reduces rush in the front office
Minimizes paper works
Better patient experience
Faster processing of patient information and requests
Better inter-department communication
Improved claim settlements and insurance approval
Timely medicine consumption details and alert
Improved credit and payment management
Industry best practices
On-time medical records using EMR
Improves patient consultation
Reduced medical errors
Department BillingPharmacyCentral Store
The automated and simplified billing process
Reduces rush in billing counters
Optimized billing for insurance claims
Optimized inventory management
Reduces risk of dispensary errors and overdose
Uses industry best practices
Better management of medicines prescribed by doctors
Updates to doctors on medicines
Improves revenue
Process-oriented workflow
Easy track of purchase orders
Track of vendors
Improved goods management
Seamless distribution
LaboratoryHR & PayrollCentral Cash
ISO recommended process flow
Improved patient safety
Better communication with doctors
Improves revenue with laboratory information system
Faster access to employee information
Improves control of resources
Enhances resource planning
Compliance with industry standards
Accountability and discipline in financial matters
Automated and simplified process
Increase in cash flow
Insurance ManagementAdministrationMIS
Simplifies insurance process
Efficient management of multiple policies and rates
Faster claim settlements
Increase cash flow
Control over activities
Improved security and data backup
Zero downtime
Insightful reports
Supports better decision making
Helps in strategic plans
Hospital Management System Kenya – Bomu Hospital

“We have grown with SA-Vikas. We are very happy with the full version of the HIS. We are able to make the operations more efficient and we are proud to be associated with Vikas Hospital ERP software.