Hospital management pharmacy optimisation

Vikas 2.0 Hospital inventory management system with inventory tags to improve accuracy and reduce manual efforts
Hospital management inventory

Hospital pharmacy software – The hospital inventory optimization module of Vikas 2.0 improves hospital management pharmacy efficiency through a huge reduction in inventory levels. It also helps reduce patient wait time and plugs accounting loopholes in integration with other departments.

Hospital pharmacy software

Family, charity, and corporate hospitals in African countries such as Cameroon, Malawi & Ethiopia will be able to improve pharmacy billing, and inventory optimization using our versatile module. A recent study among 50 of our new client acquisitions has shown that inventory costs were lowered by up to 40% using our best practices in implementation.

  • The fully integrated solution that links all departments to ensure statutory compliance
  • Goods Receipt Notification (GRN) for finance/audit departments
  • Reduce medication errors through look alike and sound alike alerts
  • Converts outpatient consulting prescriptions to estimates at the pharmacy
  • Links doctor recommendations to drugs prescribed for analysis
  • Provides product margin analysis for suppliers and brands
  • Find the lowest offers for medicines in hospital inventory management
  • Inventory tracking, purchase orders, schemes, and offers in hospital management
  • An intuitive keyboard user interface for operator efficiency
  • One-click generation of purchase orders for products below the re-order level
  • Classification under manufacturer, generic name, and chemical composition
  • First In First Out (FIFO) / user-selected inventory management
  • Define preferred vendor for regular medicines
  • Analyze ABC / FSN analysis / Stock velocity for optimal resource utilization
  • Industry-standard Barcode printing (optional)
  • End of day cash management tally with the accounts department
  • Supplier portal with direct GRN entry to reduce back-office workload
  • Hospital indoor positioning system for inventory  tracking
  • Temperature & humidity control alerts for vaccines
  • Trace medicines to improve the dispensing process with hospital pharmacy software