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Hospital process improvement – Sharing our experience of 3 decades in serving the small and medium-sized and corporate hospitals across India, Africa regions; we have come across quite a lot of reasons for underutilization of hospital management software, which are manifestations of gaps in your hospital strategy execution. In order to enjoy the benefits guaranteed by SA-Vikas, we need to ensure that the hospital ERP software is used effectively and identify the frequent roadblocks and bottlenecks.

Let us work in collaboration to reap the benefits. A few of the common reasons stated for the less usage are:

  • Change in administration
  • Departments are still holding on to old habits
  • Management staff needs in-depth knowledge on inventory controls
  • Some of the senior staff members have left the hospital
  • Nonaccounting persons using Finance module
  • Some of the staff members did not have enough time to attend initial training
  • A new batch of employees in the hospital is not aware of different functionality
  • New staff not aware of best practices being followed in your hospital pharmacy
  • Not knowing how to use parts of the products
  • Frequent operational errors in the software
Hospital software GAP analysis

If you have any of these concerns or, if you are not sure about the missing links, please let us know at the earliest. Our experts are conducting a gap analysis on IT usage. Gap analysis is a one-day exercise on rating hospital ERP software usage for every department.

Hospital process improvement – fix process gaps

For the gaps, we offer recommendations by further imparting the methodologies and retraining that an expert in SA-Vikas can practice gaining the benefits. This level 1 / 2 hospital software implementation is designed for Pharmacy, Laboratory, Patient Management, Assets Management, and hospital staffs who are proficient with SA-HIS.

Hospital software gap analysis services available to owner/family / doctor-owned hospitals and nursing homes across Kenya. Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Cameroon.

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