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Hospital process maturity, patient workflow, and performance

During the implementation of hospital software, we often come across many organizations that have low-maturity hospital processes, operating procedures, or no standard processes at all. The reasons could be many – lack of knowledge, high people movement, lack of management focus, inadequate infrastructure, loosely built hospital software, resistance to change, etc to name a few. Implementing IoT solutions can help measure patient waiting times, reduce efforts in inventory stock take activities, besides enabling tracking the location of nurses and support staff.

Hospital process & workflow automation

The best-run hospitals are those adaptive to change and have a transparent organization and reporting structure in a disruptive era. We have cited some aspects of business process maturity at hospitals and their impact on hospital performance (Adapted from a paper written by Pascal, Joost, Martijn, and  Roeland). Hospitals can implement Activity Based Costing where needed.

  • Traceability –  Processes within the hospital are easily traceable (thus transparent)
  • Efficiency – Patient workflow within the hospital is efficient
  • Lead-time – The processes within the hospital have an acceptable lead-time
  • Patient focus –  Processes of the hospital are customer-centric
  • Continuous improvement –  The processes within the hospital are continuously being improved
  • Quality – The results delivered by processes within the clinic are of good quality
  • Measurability – Processes within the chain of clinics that are easily measurable
  • Employee satisfaction –  Processes within the nursing homes that contribute to employee satisfaction
  • Competitive advantage – The processes within the hospitals give our organization a competitive advantage
  • Flexibility –  Business processes within the hospital can easily be changed
  • Comprehensibility –  hospital Process terms within the medical unit can be understood by everybody
Hospital process improvement for patient experience, staff productivity

Our hospital ERP implementation methodology focuses on improving the hospital systems and maturity through structured training methodology and sensitization for management on the need to change bad practices and communicate the new plan and benefits to the entire team, remove resistance and complete the project within stipulated time and budget. We deploy telemedicine, patient portals, and indoor location tracking software solutions to enable the management to improve communication and collaboration, example the hospital laboratory processes can be improved Read about Hospital ERP Software

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