Hospital SMS alerts for patient experience

How to improve patient experience in hospitals

Hospital SMS alerts for patient experience

Hospital SMS alerts – A technology that offers cost-effective ways to communicate with key stakeholders. In a fast-changing world, patients, doctors, suppliers, management, and other stakeholders prefer personalized communication delivered on their personal devices using SMS and WhatsApp messages.

Hospital SMS / WhatsApp alert software

No hospital ERP software solution is complete without an effective hospital communication system. The messaging module in Vikas ERP solution for hospitals performs the workflow scheduling and communications for the hospital using a combination of hospital SMS alerts, web, and e.mails.

  • Improves hospital goodwill through improved communication
  • Lowers the cost of reaching out to different stakeholders
  • SMS alerts on key operating parameters like admissions, outpatients, collections, etc
  • Send daily appointment schedules for doctors
  • Send Inpatient list summary to doctors on ward rounds
  • Send greetings and appointment alerts to patients and dependents
  • Send documents, test results, and orders across departments and trusted suppliers
  • Rule-based SMS alerts, information on demand “Lab result” to xx-xx-xxxx
  • Use third-party service providers for bulk SMS alerts
  • Patient wait time alert for workflow management
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring alerts from laboratory & pharmacy
  • Use social media Whats-App to reach out to patients on schedules, events & announcements