What are the Hospital Standards for Safety & security in Africa

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Vikas 2.0 hospital management software with Cohsasa and RTLS in hospitals

Cohsasa – Nature is the most fascinating mystery that holds the power to destroy mankind, something we have recently witnessed. Amidst such a disaster, it becomes all the more important for hospitals to stay on their toes and ensure their patients get the best of the services delivered by maintaining hospital standards. 

What are hospital accreditation standards? The hospital accreditation program was started in the year 2005. It is the flagship program for NABH. This program was started with an intent to improve healthcare quality and patient safety at public and private hospitals in India.

Sub Saharan African region, however, had the worst healthcare sector in the entire world. Accreditation bodies like The Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa (COHSASA) and Hospital Association South Africa (HASA) have been continuously working to improve the healthcare sector of the African region by joint commission hospital standards for improving safety and quality in healthcare

Safety standards in hospitals in Africa – Cohsasa

The diligent and constant efforts of these bodies have proven fruitful as few African nations have emerged to meet the healthcare standards that would match the levels of similar services provided by Asia, Europe, and America. With a healthcare index of 64.14 (highest in the African continent in 2020), South Africa is home to 200 private hospitals that match such standards. Tunisia (Healthcare index 57.18) followed South Africa. Kenya, Algeria, and Nigeria were other countries in the top 5 best healthcare services in the African continent, based on a list of joint commission standards.

As some parts of the African region, such as Zimbabwe, Cameroon, South Africa, and Tanzania are witnessing tremendous improvement and growth in the healthcare industry, others are still left to catch up. To improve the healthcare standards for your hospital, maintaining the environmental quality, building relations with the patient and employees, and ensuring the safety of the workforce are some of the critical factors and standards under COHSASA. 

Keeping such critical factors in mind, we at Software associates have been deploying Indoor Positioning systems catering to such needs enhancing safety, standards, hospital compliance, and productivity enhancement solutions. 

Hospital standards – Safety and quality

Reduced equipment theft: – Using the Digital Twin structure, 24*7 hospital asset tracking would be viable. Management staff will receive alerts if the asset is moved from its expected place. Thus, it would help in quicker response and recovery of assets in case of theft.

Grouping Provisions: – Vikas RTLS for hospitals offer a unique grouping provision in which the manager can authorize specific staff the access to restricted areas, and alerts would be sent if an unauthorized person enters the restricted area. It would help in preventing internal fraud, a significant concern in the African region.  

Optimal equipment usage: – The system also ensures that only the authorized person is using the designated equipment. It would reduce the abuse of equipment, increase the asset lifecycle, and prevent compromising the patient’s health.

Hospital Standards for compliance and improved patient experience

Enhanced patient experience: With RTLS in hospitals, you will be able to monitor patients’ waiting time and ensure that the waiting time for an individual does not exceed the standard waiting time. This helps in catering to patients on time which is a critical necessity for an individual’s health.  Also, staff and patient movements are tracked in the hospital to ensure the right workers are present at the right place at the right time to treat the designated patient on time.

Equipment Management: – With RTLS in hospitals, you will be able to keep track of the necessary equipment in the nursing departments like the Operation Theatre to meet the quality standards of service delivery. 

Human Resource Standards: Internal reports will be generated for individual healthcare staff to monitor their performance and behavior. This enhances the workforce productivity by keeping them motivated to work efficiently and helps maintain quality human resource standards in a hospital. 

Preventive Maintenance: – Vikas 20 ensures timely maintenance of all the necessary equipment that helps maintain the asset’s quality and meet the quality standards for medical pieces of equipment. 

Environment Quality Standards: Since RTLS monitor the health workers’ movements, it keeps track of the timely cleaning of the hospital, helping meet the environmental quality standards for your hospital laboratory management system.

Also, using the RTLS hardware solutions like multi-sensor, the air quality and temperature monitoring of a particular area in the hospital is possible, which is an integral part of the environmental quality standards of hospitals. 

Hospital standards – Compliance, safety and quality with Cohsasa

Adherence to Covid Protocols: – The Vikas 2.0 RTLS system ensures that patients standing in the queue are maintaining proper safe distancing using floor planning. In case they are not, alerts are reflected to maintain appropriate safe distances. 

Vikas 2.0 RTLS for hospitals will thus help you meet the required quality standards for your hospital and enhance patient experience adding value to your current service delivery.

So make the first move and book your demo today to know about hospital compliance, standards, safety and quality, and security! Our hospital management software is used by mid-size hospitals in the African region. The Eye hospital management software has over 100 deployments in India, Cameroon.