Hospital workflow - Patient experience, staff productivity

Vikas smart hospital software - hospital safety, productivity , patient experience management, physical distancing

Hospital workflow tracking can seriously improve Patient experience, workplace safety, compliance, staff productivity, and reduce costs associated with repairs & preventive maintenance.

Our hospital workflow tracking solutions are a unique blend that combines the power of easy to deploy Bluetooth beacons, along with our Internet of things platform in order to help our clients achieve various benefits across their hospital operations. These offerings can be broadly classified into segments from a hardware perspective.

Hospital need solutions also capable of assigning workflows to various members of the workforce including nurses, housekeeping, and maintenance personnel helping them to adhere to hospital protocols and health standards that are globally accepted

Hospital workflow tracking solutionsHospital workflow tracking which as the name suggests is an indoor asset location tracking solution that is tailor-made to cater to the hospital industry.

One major advantage for your hospital would be the improved productivity of your staff, which can ensure by looking into the insights provided by intelligent reports that are generated by our platform.

The product also helps you to track your high-value assets like ECG machines, Portable ventilators, and other such lifesaving equipment and also aids you to optimize its utilization seamlessly throughout different departments of your hospital.

The key benefits of this solution include, enhances patient experience & safety, seamless integration with existing ERPs, improve staff behaviour & productivity- Added benefits for maintenance and facilities management, advanced features to for patient workflow, reduce theft & abuse of equipment, and reduce loss of medicine due to environmental aspects.

Hospital workflow enhances patient experience management & hospital safety

Patient experience management solutions - hospital safety, staff productivityAccording various reports published globally, one major deciding factor concerning patient experience is that of patient wait time. Increased patient waiting time could not only hinder patient goodwill but can also turn out to be fatal in unfortunate cases. Our hospital workflow monitoring platform is capable of analyzing the indoor positioning data received using Bluetooth mesh devices and alert the concerned personnel in case of deviations from standard wait times. This also gives your customer a feeling of personal and dedicated treatment hence improving their patient experience at your facility.

Hospital workflow benefits facility management & maintenance crew

Vikas - Smart hospital solutions - preventive maintenance, patient experience management Environment parameters like air quality, temperature, pressure can now be monitored on a 24×7 basis with the help of our smart hospital modules to keep a well oiled preventive maintenance plan. Reports from such modules can play a major role in ensuring proper storage conditions of life-saving medicines, organs, and serums. This in turn guarantees reduced spoilage of blood, vaccines, organs, medicines, and other such serums whether it be at your pharmacies, blood banks, or any other storage facilities. Such reports also act as a boon during accreditation inspections revolving around various health care regulatory bodies.

Hospital preventive maintenance checklist & repair monitoringOur modules also provide reports on visits made by housekeeping staff helping the management to keep up health and hospital safety standards within the premises. Movement matrices of staff are also provided by the platform which will help notify those in charge, regarding any violations or deviations from the daily routine of the workforce. Alerts and notifications are sent in case staff or worker moves into restricted areas of the hospital.

Hospital workflow reduces thefts and misuse of equipment

Patient experience management, hospital safety, staff productivityEnsure availability of portable medical equipment in causality, emergency wards and operation theatres. Timely alerts will be sent to the concerned person in case any equipment moves out of its designated zones. Alerts will also be initiated if the equipment moves into restricted zones within the facility.

You can also ensure equipment usage by the right personnel and notifications to concerned departments are made if the equipment is being handled by unauthorized personnel. This is done by a unique grouping provision enabled on our platform which enables those in charge to assign user privileges to authorized staff members. Add-on features that enable optimal usage of valuable equipment are also made available on the platform.

Hospital workflow - Improving staff productivity

nursing Workflow Monitoring medical rounds in hospitalsOur smart hospital software solutions have been designed keeping in mind the workforce in the health care sector.  These solutions come with features that help your workforce adhere to hospital protocols and standards as they go about their daily routine at the facility. The staff is also provided with wireless beacons that help map their movement across various zones within your hospital premises. Our Internet of things platform is able to analyze this position data in order to provide concerned personnel with reports that could help them optimize workforce activities and improve their productivity. For example, one such report generated is the number of visits made by members of the workforce to various departments and also duration records of such visits. 

Hospital workflow & Contact Tracing

Patient safety, staff productivity, physical distancing, smart hospital solutionsPhysical distancing is ensured by limiting the number of patient, bystanders, medical staff in different zones at various time intervals. If the accepted number of people in a particular zone increases, notifications are sent to those in charge in order to take the required corrective measures. This provision empowers your hospital with improved infection control mechanisms hence keeping your hospital on par with international standards.

In the unfortunate scenario of a visitor of staff turning COVID19 positive, movement matrices provided by the platform can be utilized to account for contact tracing hence helping people who may have come in contact with this person to go in to quarantine reducing chances of community spread.

Hospital workflow for preventive maintenance & repairs

Another major pain point we have been able to recognize that concerns the workforce is that of the time taken to locate assets such as stretchers, wheelchairs, and other portable equipment within the hospital premises. We can assure you that this will be a thing of the past once our systems are in place which is capable of providing location information of such assets including life-saving assets such as portable defibrillators and so on. This feature not only improves your workforce productivity but also promises to give you a 13% increase in man-hours. Occupancy information from these indoor tracking devices can be utilized to allocate necessary resources to these zones.  These practices help to shave off operational costs by dialing down on electricity consumption across your facility. Read about hospital preventive maintenance plans.

Our robust integration capability enables for seamless integration of our smart hospital solutions with your existing hospital ERP products hence dispensing any concerns you may have with regard to onboarding a new solution at your end.

Another added advantage is the ability to keep a check on staff discipline thanks to the movement matrices which can be generated from our internet of things platform for hospitals. Such reports are available in day-wise, weekly, or monthly formats which can be easily customized and tailor-made to suit your requirement.

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