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Vikas 2.0 - Smart digital hospital workflow tracking solutions

Works on any HMS solution

We provide failsafe open API integration with your ophthalmology or orthopaedic management software solutions in India, Africa and Asia Pacific regions. Check with your existing vendor on the possibilities of integrating our hospital workflow tracking solutions.

Digital clinic modules

Ready to deploy healthcare workflow management solution. Apply benchmark figures to measure surgical processes, patient wait times, operation theatre workflow, staff productivity, and patient safety.

Standards and compliances

Build to meet the growing need for secure, reliable, and GDPR compliant digital hospital workflow modules, catering to the healthcare industry standards such as NABH, Cohsasa.

Clinical workflow tracking - features of a smart health system

Measuring patient wait times
Send alert to operations manager if outpatient waiting time for front office zone exceeds 10 minutes
Ensure timely house keeping
Monitoring housekeeping staff, visits all the designated inpatient rooms at least once in a day.
Emergency department
At least 10 nurses should be available at any given time in the casuality department to take care of emergencies. Else alert medical superintendent
Monitoring crowd control
No more than 10 outpatients should be present in the laboratory waiting area of the ophthalmology department.
Ensuring 24 x 7 hygiene
The housekeeping staff must visit all the designated inpatient rooms at least once in a day. Alert cleaning staff when patient vacates room.
Tracking nursing rounds
Ensuring that each nursing station complies with regular medical rounds in the general wards and rooms

Clinical workflow tracking – The most efficient method to understand the working movement of medical and paramedical staff, location of critical equipment, wheelchairs, tools, spares, etc when the workforce is occupied during peak hours. Specialized staff can be grouped to perform specific tasks and their movement within the hospital zone can be monitored. Implement an indoor positioning system in healthcare to ascertain those who are breaking the safety distancing norms in outpatient and general wards. . All these can be achieved without wiring or electrical cabling, which results in lower deployment overheads and cost of ownership for a digital hospital of the future to monitor hospital admission workflow.

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Netra 2.0 Ophthalmology clinical workflow software

Netra 20 patient portal – a smart clinical management strategy

The Covid19 pandemic has changed lives beyond our imagination. With lockdowns and physical distancing norms in place, healthcare businesses globally are offering consumers new generation smart clinics with portal software solutions which can be accessed from their personal computing devices such as smartphones and tablets. Need for patient onboarding self-service technology – The scenario is no different in the healthcare industry, where patients are offered home delivery services of healthcare or access to online laboratory reports. Now it is possible to order most medical tests online, with home-based specimen collection and the results available at the click of a button using the hospital portal.

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MIS system in smart clinical strategy

Future of smart clinic – The AI-assisted smart digital MIS module gives predictions on inpatient flow, pharmacy consumption, outpatient to inpatient ratio, etc, enabling new operational insights, critical for improving patient experience in real-time, hospital MIS reports anywhere, anytime. Empower Opthalmology clinic administrators and owners with the right inputs to make informed decisions, lower costs, discover revenue streams, and raise the competitive advantage.

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MIS system for digital hospitals, data analytics in hospitals India

Clinical workflow management in ophthalmology & orthopaedics

Ready to deploy solutions for a smart clinics. Comprising digital modules such as electronic medical records, patient portals, online consultation, indoor positioning systems, workflow monitoring, and preventive maintenance tracking. 

Digital twin in healthcare for improving patient experience – Ready to deploy solution for transforming yours into a smart hospital. In this era of technology, where everything is working by using the internet then why should the hospitals be left behind? In this digital age, the hospitals will also work smartly so as to keep track of patient waiting times, all the equipment like ventilators, ECG, and other medical machinery of daily use. With the transformation of every field into digital form, it is necessary to upgrade the health department by making smart clinics

LIMS in ophthalmology clinics – Digital healthcare of the future

Smart clinic features include our laboratory software and optometry management modules, besides issuing bills, managing specimens, and scheduling tests, also establish two-way communication with various brands of auto analyzer machines (LIMS in a hospital) and Optometry equipment such as a Tonometer, refractometer & Lensmeter, etc. LIMS helps in reducing duplication of work, improves accuracy in results, besides reading the inventory of reagents and kits, tracks patient workflow, and measuring waiting time. The digital hospital enabled patient portal enables online access to laboratory test results, as a smart hospital example. (Authenticated using an invoice number and a secret code or mobile number)

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Electronic Medical Records for a smart clinics

Vikas 2.0 for hospitals has been already providing robust browser-based out-patient EMR solutions to various clients for these many years. The solution is accepted and well recognized by renowned doctors across India, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Botswana, Maldives, and other countries. Recently, in our discussions with various hospital officials and industry analysts, we found inpatient management as one of the major pain areas for various hospitals. Understanding this, through a customer-driven product engineering methodology we developed a full-fledged Netra 2.0 outpatient EMR system with monitoring of patient workflow in a ophthalmology clinics.

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