Hospital human resource management

Managing human resource in hospitals

Hospital human resource management software – For HR best practices must be a priority for any progressive and patient-centric hospital,  whether the objectives are charity or commercial. It is a known fact that the availability and retention of an experienced and quality workforce remains a challenge for service organizations globally. 

Hospital human resource management software 

The HR module allows people engagement, tracking of employment history, and performance appraisal. Add-on modules allow tracking of managerial roles and responsibilities to ensure the completion of initiatives on time.

  • Improve your hospital resource management practices
  • Increase employee retention through appraisals
  • Prevent the drain of hospital internal knowledge
  • Periodic employee appraisal parameters
  • Employee confidential report
  • Generate a letter of appointment
  • Security clearance Form
  • Issue experience certificate
  • Print employee id card
  • Staff Joining Report using the HR module
  • User system login report
  • Storage of resumes for future needs
  • Workforce productivity monitoring
  • Assign roles and responsibilities to key employees
  • Track Key Result Areas
  • Human resource workflow monitoring on shop floor
  • Tracking employee workflow across multiple units
  • Alert on reporting laggards and performers
  • Reminders for department heads
  • Assign roles and responsibilities to internal audit staff
  • Employee portal for communication and collaboration
  • Integration with hospital workflow and staff productivity tracking tools